Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 The Beautiful Men who Are Like The Moon and the Devil

‚ÄúThird Miss Mo and First Miss Mo indeed have a close relationship! Then I shall gift this person to Third Miss Mo!” Feng Yuran drawled lazily. His lusty eyes slid across the faces of the crowd and his lips lifted. His vague smile made one feel as if they could not guess what he was thinking, but everyone he looked at felt a sense of foreboding for some reason.

This prince was known to have fluctuating moods. No one knew if his mood would chance suddenly the next moment.

“Get up! Since Third Miss Mo already said that, then I shall treat it as a mistake. After all, every family would have mistakes like that. No one would find it hard to understand.” His dark eyes were like a pool of water. When he smiled, his handsome appearance was complimented by his purple dragon embroidered robes. He looked charming and roguish.

Such words, and such a manner of mocking made everyone look at Mo Xuemin with deeper thoughts.

“Third Miss Mo, this is a favor from me to you. Throw this person out at the palace gates. Remember to get Lord Mo to pick him up and question him well.” He looked at her with his dark eyes and stroked his chin thoughtfully. Does that mean he was…asking for a favor?

“Many thanks, King Xuan!” Mo Xuetong could only curtsy helplessly. She glanced up to see that he was indeed raising his brows at her. She quickly looked down and did not dare to take another look at him. This person was too wild. He had, in the presence of so many people, gotten her to owe him a favor. However, she could not say anything else. She now owed him a favor!

She did not think that King Xuan was a simple as he looked. His eyes filled with emotions also had a hint of coldness in them. Sometimes, she could even sense a hint of frigid sharpness in them. He could bedazzle others with his beautiful appearance and sway their thoughts before dealing them with a deadly blow while they were not paying attention. How could she not be wary of a person like this? Mo Xuetong was very cautious and did not want to have too many dealings with him, much less owe him a favor.

However, how could she say anything else in front of so many people? She could not make things clear even if she wanted to. After all, he had helped her today. She could only let the anger simmer inside her.

Feng Yuran was very satisfied when he saw Mo Xuetong forcing herself to look respectful with pursed lips. She seemed to be rather depressed. Feng Yuran turned and left.

The little wild cat had retracted her claws. She seemed to be really good at acting pitiful and was just as good as that fake and venomous woman. Instead, she seemed even better than that woman. He quite enjoyed seeing it.

“Your Highness, where are we going?” Feng Yuran’s personal eunuch stood at the crossroads and asked him carefully with his head lowered.

“Why is Sir Bai here. How rare is this?” Feng Yuran did not answer the eunuch but smiled at a person approaching. His eyes shone in a lively manner. Feng Yue, who was following behind Feng Yuran backed away silently and hid behind a tree.

Bai Yihao, who was wearing a pure white shirt, approached.

There were several people following behind him. However, they paled beside him. There were beautiful flowers blooming around them, but when he approached, it felt as if the scenery around him dulled and that he was the only bright spot. The beautiful youth approached slowly, his clear crisp voice sounded like the flowing waters in a stream.

“King Xuan is here, so how can I not come!” Bai Yihao smiled elegantly.

“Sir Bai could have not come!” Feng Yuran raised an eyebrow. His smile grew even more brilliant.

“I won’t be able to rest at ease if I don’t come! It is rare for you to meddle in things, King Xuan!” Bai Yihao smiled slightly with his thin lips and said softly.

“It’s not really any random matter. One has to mind his own family matters after all. It is fine as longa s you don’t reach out and take something from someone else’s bowl. What do you think, Sir Bai?” Feng Yuran smiled at Baiyihao, his eyes were slightly upturned.

“Others should not meddle in one’s family matters. But if it still isn’t one’s family, then it isn’t one’s family matter. Right, King Xuan?” Bai Yihao laughed lightly. His voice was as gentle as the spring breeze.

One of them was as pure as the sun while the other was extremely charming. The two handsome youths were clearly joking, but for some reason, made others feel cold. The people following them lowered their heads and did not dare to say anything else. The air smelt as if shots had been fired.

“Sir Bai, that’s interesting! You should be careful that you might lose your life and still not get the item. I still have something on, I will look you up another day to discuss the difference between one’s family matter and the family matters of others. Goodbye!” Feng Yuran laughed loudly and brought his men with him and walked in a different direction. He was headed to the center of the palace where Emperor Zongwen was.

There were two guards at the end of the path. They bowed respectfully when they saw that it was Feng Yuran coming. They disappeared behind the trees silently and swiftly. It was evident that they were true experts and one could see from this how favored King Xuan was by Emperor Zongwen. The guards did not even question him before letting him in.

“Sir…” Lin Yu, who had been following behind Bai Yihao looked on and wanted to say something. However, Bai Yihao smiled and waved his hand to stop him. He turned to walk in another direction where the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace was. The Empress Dowager’s birthday was in a few days and he could send this gift of his to her first.

He had only taken a turn when he suddenly stopped as if he had discovered something. He turned to look at a fake mountain on the other side of the garden.

“Sir…”The eunuch wanted to ask him something but turned to look at where Bai Yihao was looking.

Mo Xuetong stood near the fake mountain awkwardly, as if she had been caught. She was slightly upset. Luo Mingzhu had to leave after Mo Xuemin’s incident came to a close. She had brought Mo Yu with her to the secluded corner because she wanted to be in a quiet and peaceful place. However, she saw the two’s verbal sparring. She was still struggling between going up to greet them or pretending not to have seen them.

She could not hide anymore when she saw Bai Yihao turning to look at her. After all, Bai Yihao had helped her a great lot. If he had not been there at the family rites, her plan would not have gone so smoothly, especially when he pulled up her sleeves. That had done Auntie Fang in.

As such, he had indeed done her a great favor.

She saw him smiling lightly, stopping where he was. It seemed as if he was waiting for her to approach him. If she did not go over, it would seem as if she was feeling guilty even though she did feel a little guilty. However, what was hidden under the noble appearance was not innocence and purity. When they met at the General Manor, the killing intent that he exuded was carved into her heart. She knew then, that he had wanted to kill her. However, she did not know why he helped her in the end.

That military arts book was definitely not the main reason for him letting her off and helping her…

It was fortunate that she was not hung up on that either!

Mo Xuetong brought Mo Yu with her and left the fake mountain. The breeze caught her satin dress, making her seem weak and slender in the vastness of the place. She stood, poised and attractive. Her slender waist was hidden by the billowing of her skirts. The purity of the young girl held an indescribable charm that was extremely attractive.

Bai Yihao’s eyes shone and he could not help but size her up. Under the sun, he could see the slender girl clearly. There was a slightly shy expression on her pale face. She bit her lips somewhat childishly. Her eyes shone bright and clear with purity and also a hint of youth. She was just a beautiful as when he had last seen her. Her slightly upturned eyes and her shy appearance were all signs of her beauty.

It was not the beauty of flowers blooming, but it was the beauty of a shy, charming orchid. It was fresh and natural.

This charm was not reduced by her undeveloped body, but instead, added a breath of freshness and naturalness. She was beautiful in her quiet elegance, seeming ethereal as if she was a fairy who had fallen into the human world. Every time he looked at her, he felt as if she was getting more and more beautiful.

Compared to her, the other gracious noble young women all felt fake and intentional.

Bai Yihao stared at her quietly until she appeared before him.

“Greetings, Sir Bai. Many thanks for your help that day!” She looked down and smiled gently, curtsying sincerely.

“Are things always like that at the manor?” Bai Yihao smiled and asked.

Mo Xuetong looked up and blinked. She did not understand what he meant. She only understood what he meant when she saw the vague smile on his handsome face. She could not stand the searing heat in his eyes and quickly lowered her head. The tips of her toes scuffed the ground subconsciously and she answered with a little hesitation, “All is fine. Perhaps I have just arrived and there are some things that I cannot accept…”

Everything that happened to the Mo family was a family matter. A matter like that had not only embarrassed Mo Xuemin but also her as well. She was the main daughter of the Mo family, which was why she did not intend to talk about it in detail with anyone else. Furthermore, she did not think that Bai Yihao was interested in knowing what was happening in other manors. Ever since she had been a target of his threat, she knew that beneath the veneer of gentleness was a vicious and bloodthirsty heart.

If not because of what happened in her past life, and how she could remember the pure and clean youth before her with bloodstained hands and the bloody crown that sat on his head, she would not be able to imagine the youth with the sunny disposition before her could do something like that.

This was a heartless person, so why would he bother with the trivial matters of another family?

“Do you want me to help you again!?” Bai Yihao’s smile grew even more gentle when he saw her answering carefully. He reached out subconsciously to touch her long hair. But she had suddenly looked up and smiled at him.

Mo Xuetong had not expected such an action. She could not believe that he would do something so rude but had retracted his hand so elegantly and naturally with a smile. It was as if he did not feel that his actions earlier were not suitable and against etiquette.

She bit her lips gently and carefully took two steps back. She curtsied and answered politely and distantly, “Many thanks, Sir Bai!”

She did not dare to ask him for his help. She just wanted to stay away from him for some reason. If she attracted the attention of Bai Yihao because of such a small matter in the family, she would not be able to settle it. An ambitious person like him who was in charge of the nation and played games of chess with politics was someone she could not afford to offend.

She only wanted to get revenge for what happened in her past life. She wanted nothing to do with anything else!

She did not know why the famous Bai Yihao would say that.

She just wanted to stay far away from him subconsciously!

No matter Feng Yuran or Bai Yihao, they were both people she could not risk offending. The best thing to do is to stay away from them. Far far away!

She did not exist in their world and they should not exist in her world!

Bai Yihao did not look upset at all when she refused. Instead, he looked at her with a faint smile and did not say anything else. He brought his men along with him. The breeze caught his robes which were as white as snow. He was gracious and elegant. A person like this should be like the light and the moon, but she knew that he was neither!

“Miss, they are calling us back. The banquet is about to begin!” Mo Lan reminded her softly when she saw Mo Xuetong standing there silently.

Indeed, the noble young men and ladies who were scattered across the garden were all heading to a certain place.

The flower appreciation banquet was really about to begin!

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