Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Mo Xuemin Pretends to Be Ill

The injuries on Mo Xuetong’s knees were not serious. It was just a little inconvenient for her to stand and walk when she woke up the next day. Otherwise, one could not tell she was injured. She had just eaten breakfast when she heard a kerfuffle at the door. However, when they tried to listen to it carefully, they could not hear anything. It started to rain, and the raindrops fell pitter-pattering.

“Miss, Auntie Qing sent someone to ask if you need anything else for your room.” Mo He lifted the curtains and entered. There were still signs of rain on her gree robe.

“Are Auntie Qing and Auntie Mo in charge of the household now?” Mo Xuetong was pruning a pot of orchid. She was trimming the branches and did not even turn around to ask Mo He softly.

“Yes, I heard Old Sir took away Auntie Fang’s right to manage and got Auntie Qing and Auntie Mo to do it. So they sent someone here early in the morning to ask if you need anything else. They seem to be more hardworking than before!” Mo Yu said with a smile. The moment Auntie Fang had her position taken from her, even the servants did not dare to treat those from Qingwei Garden badly. Even though it was raining, they had come to consult their mistress early in the morning.

It seems that her mistress had won in the fight against Auntie Fang! Mo Yu was naturally feeling great!

“How’s Auntie Fang doing?” Mo Xuetong put down the scissors in her hands and accepted the handkerchief Mo Lan handed her and wiped her hands.

“There’s nothing odd going on at Lihua Garden. However, there were sounds that resembled someone crying last night. They said that Auntie Fang had suffered and there were rumors among the servants that you had deliberately hurt her.” Mo Lan took the handkerchief and washed it in the water bowl by the side as she answered.

Among Mo Xuetong’s personal maids, Mo Lan was the most steady. She was not as optimistic as Mo Yu. This morning, she had gone out on Mo Xuetong’s orders. The answers she had received were completely different from the ones Mo Yu had. She would naturally not speak like Mo Yu.

“Miss, what does that mean?” Mo Yu was not stupid. She was shocked and the smile left her face as she looked up to ask Mo Xuetong.

“Later, go and see where Father went and if Eldest Brother and Sister have been to visit Auntie Fang. Go keep watch on the people at Lihua Garden.” Mo Xuetong said with a faint smile.

“Yes! I will go and watch them later.” Mo Yu answered.

“You don’t have to go. Send someone there.” Mo Xuetong ordered with a small smile.

Get someone else to go? Who else could go? Mo Yu paused for a moment. She did not dare to use anyone else from their courtyard. They were all sent by Auntie Fang. If she sent Auntie Fang’s people to keep watch on Auntie Fang, she would know immediately. She would definitely go against Mo Xuetong. Her mistress had only just returned to the Mo Manor and could not compete against Auntie Fang who had always been managing the household.

“It’s alright, you can just ask anyone to go. As for whether they can see anything or not, Auntie Fang is a smart person, so how would she let anyone just see what she’s doing?” Mo Xuetong smiled gently, her eyes full of laughter. Auntie Fang was indeed a smart one.

The sounds of crying could be heard from the courtyard. She was telling Mo Xuetong’s father that she felt regretful. She was certain that Mo Huawen would let her off easily! It was because of her eldest brother’s existence. Him being the only son was truly a problem! It seems that she had to act faster.

“Just have anyone keep watch? Yes!” Mo Yu paused for a moment, not really understanding. However, when she saw how her mistress was very sure of herself, she trusted that her mistress already had plans. She nodded her head and left, calling out to a maid that looked quite smart and gave her orders. She did not even avoid the two older maids that Auntie Qing had sent.

The two older maids looked at each other and then lowered their heads and continued to work.

The door curtains lifted and Mo Lan went out as well. She said to the two older maids, “You two can go back first. Our mistress does not need anything else. Auntie Fang has bought everything that our mistress needs. Take our mistress’ thanks to your mistress. If there is anything else that is needed, we will go over and tell her ourselves.”

“Alright, then we shall leave!” The two servants replied politely.

“Alright, remember to help our mistress thank yours!” Mo Lan replied with a polite smile.

“Definitely, definitely!” The two servants left with their umbrellas. However, when they reached the entrance of the courtyard, they did not leave together but went in different directions.

Inside, Mo Xuetong found a book and read it quietly. It was very silent in the room.

Her calligraphy was decent and her mother had been the one to teach her her flower script. Furthermore, in the past, she had been cowardly and weak and liked to write and draw by herself. And because of her shy nature, only a few close to her knew about it. Then, after she married into the Sima family, she did not have the mood to do these things again.

She had not written again since then, but even so, her calligraphy was still good. The characters she wrote were different from her outwardly slenderness and had more strength to them. Even though she used the flower script that most women used, it had a sense of flight that was rare among women. The way she put down and lifted her brush was powerful.

Mo Lan returned after giving orders to the other maid. She did not say anything when she saw Mo Xuetong doing calligraphy and only started cleaning up softly.

Mo Yu entered and wanted to say something but was stopped by Mo Lan who shook her hand.

Mo Xuetong did not spend much time writing. After about an hour, she kept her brushes and washed her hands in a water bowl by the side. She stood up and looked up. The rain was getting lighter. The occassional sounds of water dripping were soft but they seem to hit her right in her heart, flipping up the heaviness in it.

She did not like rainy nights like these. It would make her think of the day she was awashed in fire. The burns of the fire did not hurt as much as the pain in her heart. The pain seeped through her bones. The sight of the slowed breathing of the child in her arms until he stopped breathing completely and stiffened. She could not bear the pain…

Today, she was on the path of revenge. No matter how difficult it might be, she would continue to charge forward. This life, she and Mo Xuemin were destined to be enemies. She would not rest until she was dead.

They were “good” sisters in their past life. In this life, they were sworn enemies. How could she not know what Mo Xuemin was like?

After what happened to Auntie Fang yesterday, Mo Xuemin would not stop. If Auntie Fang really lost her father’s love, then Mo Xuemin will forever be a concubine’s child. Mo Xuemin who was desperate for riches and nobility would not be willing to see it end like that. She trusted that Mo Xuemin would act before tomorrow.

She was thinking about that when Mo He walked in from the rain outside, holding an umbrella. She went to the entrance and gave the umbrella to a little maid there. She adjusted her wet skirt and entered, making her report.

“Miss, it’s a mess in the manor. A few of the older maids sent the wrong clothing to Old Sir. And First Miss has fallen ill. Do you want to go and take a look?”

The maids sent the wrong clothing and then Mo Xuemin fell ill? The mother-daughter pair really knew each other well. They were amazing!

As long as she was around, Auntie Fang did not even have to think about getting another chance!

Mo Xuetong laughed coldly in her heart. She returned to her couch and sat on it. She looked up and asked, “How did you know about this?”

“I was in the garden to pick the dawn dewdrops for you when I heard two maids talking as they passed. They said that First Miss was seriously ill. They called for a physician early this morning. Old Sir has not yet emerged from her room.” Mo He answered.

They had got the maids to spread the news in the courtyards and intentionally gotten Mo Huawen to go there. She must be trying to get out of the incident yesterday before trying to save auntie Fang. Mo Xuemin had gotten more careful after losing twice. There was a cold smile on Mo Xuetong’s lips. Considering how much Mo Huawen doted on Mo Xuemin, he would definitely believe her in the end.

She definitely must not allow Mo Xuemin to trick her father again.

“Then let’s go and visit them. Eldest Sister is so ill, if I don’t visit her, it would be too cruel.” Mo Xuetong stood up and hid the coldness in her eyes.

“Miss, the rain is really heavy and your legs are still not healed!” Mo Yu reminded her in concern.

“Eldest Sister is ill at such a time and even got Father to go over. She definitely wants her younger sister to rush there as well. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of her illness!” Mo Xuetong smiled faintly. There was a hint of naughtiness in her gentleness. Her eyes however, were very dark.

Mo Xuemin’s courtyard was a distance away from Mo Xuetong’s. To get there, they first had to pass through the garden. Auntie Fang must have planned this, for Qingwei Garden was in a secluded corner of the back garden while Mo Xuemin’s Fuqing Garden was in the center of the Manor, where the main daughter’s garden should be. However, no one in the manor said anything. One could see the power Auntie Fang had over the manor from this.

There were a few older maidservants holding umbrellas. Mo Xuetong brought Mo Yu into Mo Xuemin’s Fuqing Garden!

The weather had already gotten better and they could not feel anything even if they did not hold umbrellas. Mo Yu helped Mo Xuetong walk through the rain. If she only felt slightly annoyed when she felt the rain and wind from behind the window, then right now, as they walked through the drizzle, it was more damp and made one uncomfortable.

Because Mo Xuetong did not speak, the group of people walked silently. Only the sounds of soft footsteps could be heard.

They had just entered the courtyard when they saw maids scurrying around. Someone immediately reported that Mo Xuetong was here when she appeared at the entrance. She was immediately welcomed in by a servant respectfully.

When she entered, she saw Mo Huawen sitting by the side of the bed with a frown. Mo Xuemin was lying on the bed, her face extremely pale.

“Father, you’re here too. What’s wrong with Eldest Sister?” Mo Xuetong hid all the dark thoughts she felt and went up to curtsy to Mo Huawen. She turned to look at Mo Xuetong, so anxious that she was almost tearing up.

“Your Eldest Sister. Sigh, she’s really stupid. I didn’t blame her at all yesterday, but she went to kneel in the ancestral hall all night!” Mo Huawen shook his head, his face full of pity. He thought of how Min’er had knelt in the ancestral hall the entire night because he had rebuked Auntie Fang. If she had not fainted in the morning, he would not even know about it now. How could must it be in the autumn night, and it was still raining. How could her weak body take it.

Yesterday, Mo Huawen had indeed suspected that his eldest daughter had taken part in the matter. Otherwise, why would she be dressed and waiting by the side. However, now that this had happened, his suspicions had dispersed completely. The gentle and calm Min’er would not participate in such matter. She must have been tricked by Auntie Fang!

“Father, I am supposed to do this. Auntie had made a mistake and Min’er should be punished along with her. I’ve even troubled you to come and visit me. I’m too unfilial.” On the bed, Mo Xuemin tried to sit up but did not have the strength to. She looked up at Mo Huawen weakly with watery eyes that were filled with gentleness and love. She looked like a gentle and adorable girl.

She had gone to kneel at the ancestral hall even though nobody had punished her. She was willing to take her mother’s punishment. Mo Xuemin was not only filial, she was very kind as well.

Then, Mo Xuemin turned to look at Mo Xuetong with difficulty. There was a trace of a smile on her lips as well as a trace of guilt. She said, “It’s raining and Third Sister has come to visit me. I’m so sorry, you walked such a long distance to come, your knees must hurt. It was Auntie’s fault yesterday. I will apologize to you on her behalf!” Then, she wanted to get up but was pressed down by Mo Huawen.

“Just relax and focus on getting well. Tong’er understands and won’t blame you! Don’t feel too guilty about it!”

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