Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 First Meeting at an Inn

After everything had been arranged, Mo Xuetong and her maid, Mo Lan, did not waste any time. They were afraid that the horse carriage at the inn would leave if they were late.

No matter what, in this life where she could relive her life, she had to mess up Auntie Fang’s plans before Auntie Fang dealt with her viciously.

Mo Xuetong and Mo Lan left the main doors of the Qin Manor. Mo Lan was Mo Xuetong’s main maid. Mdm Yu had treated Mo Xuetong very well on the surface. Upon hearing that she was leaving, she got people to prepare a nicer horse carriage. The two girls heaved a secret sigh of relief when they got onto the carriage.

The horse carriage sped towards the House of Carriage. It was the favorite clothing and accessories shop of girls in Cloud City. The most secret way to the inn was through the front doors of the shop and walking through it.

After passing through a narrow alley of the House of Treasures, was a door that only people of the Cloud City knew about. It was usually shut, but customers who knew the shopkeeper well would just have to ask and he would open it without any issue. Mo Lan was about to ask Mo Xuetong to wait there while she went to speak with the shopkeeper. However, she saw Mo Xuetong pushing the door. The door creaked open.

The inn was right across the door.

Mo Xuetong saw that the horse carriage at the inn across was already ready and was about to leave!

Without saying anything else, Mo Xuetong wore her scarf and hat and held onto Mo Lan as they walked out. She greeted the middle-aged man in front of the horse carriage and curtsied, saying, “Uncle Shi!”

The innkeeper of Cloud City used to work under Mo Huawen and was on rather good terms with him. He had a daughter about Mo Xuetong’s age and naturally recognized Mo Lan. When he saw Mo Xuetong holding on to Mo Lan appearing at the inn, he paused for a moment. He immediately knew that Mo Xuetong was hidden under the scarf and hat. He could not help but stop and ask curiously, “Third Young Miss Mo, where are you going?”

“Uncle Shi, please help me send a letter.” Mo Lan handed him the letter.

The middle-aged man took the letter and saw, written in clear handwriting, that it was to be sent to the Old Lord of General Manor. Since she was sending it to her mother’s family, he did not take additional notice. Mo Lan helped Mo Xuetong to press down her gold seal after giving him the letter. The middle-aged man waved at Mo Xuetong and then left on the horse carriage upon seeing that it was getting late.

Mo Lan helped Mo Xuetong return back through the door. She felt that Mo Xuetong’s palms were sweaty and knew that she was weak and they should not stay any longer. She said hurriedly, “Miss, wait here. I’ll get a horse carriage to come. You rest for a bit and we can get on the carriage immediately.”

Mo Xuetong released Mo Lan’s hands and steadied herself on the wall. She took off the scarf and hat and took a deep breath. She nodded. This was not a passageway, so she did not have to worry that someone would come. Even the staff at the shop could not come here. Furthermore, she was still dressed up as a maid and it was inappropriate for her to leave wearing the scarf and hat of a noble young lady.

Mo Lan saw that Mo Xuetong was still steady and released her, running toward the main street.

The door was open and the sunlight outside was strong. Mo Xuetong narrowed her eyes and reached out to close the door before she could relax and close her eyes to rest. Their journey here was hurried and she was weak, so she felt a little ill.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a gust of wind and something pushed the door open quickly. She reached out instinctively and there was a shout. He eyes sprung open and she saw a purple robe in her hand. She had caught a person when she reached out earlier!

Mo Xuetong quickly released her hand and backed a few steps away. However, she found that she was already pressing against the wall and had nowhere to run. She looked up in fear.

“What is it, you caught me and then released me. Won’t you regret it?” Said a slightly pleasant sounding voice that sounded cold and lazy. It was like rich wine that would make one drunk when they heard it.

The door opened slightly so she could see the man standing across her. Sunlight streamed through the door and the extremely handsome man turned his face to look at her.

The man was about 16 or 17. He had on a purple robe that was lined with black at the collar. There were cloud patterns embroidered in gold thread on his robe and the bottom of the robe was trimmed in gold. The large long robe seemed elegant on him. The top of the robe was slightly opened, revealing the black shirt he wore inside. The black and purple colors of his clothing were complementary and made him seem devilish and mysterious.

He wore a purple jade pin casually in his black hair. There was a gentle expression on his handsome face and he had an ambiguous smile. His phoenix eyes swept around and one could not help but feel their faces grow red and their hearts speed up, making one feel as if one was about to fall into the abyss. His handsomeness was exquisite and indescribable. One could only feel that he was filled with vast power. Even Mo Xuetong, who was characteristically frigid, could not help but blush slightly. Her heart beat wildly.

No woman could ignore the man’s charm!

When he saw that Mo Xuetong did not speak, he sized her up and seemed to have discovered an interesting plaything. He turned around to face Mo Xuetong and looked at her up and down. His lips curled up slightly and his eyes glinted. “They’ve sent a beautiful one this time. It’s just that it’s too small. Why don’t they feed them and make them more solid.” Then, he reached out as if to touch Mo Xuetong’s face.

If one judged the world by his appearance, then there weren’t many in the world who were worth looking at.

Mo Xuetong emerged from her shock. She turned her head around to avoid his touch. She said seriously, “Young sir, please have some self-respect!”

“If you have self-respect, then you wouldn’t reach out to pull my robe. Now, I rather like you. You shall be it, why are you objecting?” The man’s expression was still gentle and his voice like nectar. However, for some reason, Mo Xuetong felt that it was dangerous. It was obvious from the way that he was slowly approaching her, that he had ill intentions.

“Young sir, you are mistaken. I was resting here with my eyes closed and did not see you enter. I heard a sound and thought that I had encountered something dangerous. That was why I pulled you. I apologize if I’ve offended you.” Mo Xuetong had nowhere to back to. She took a deep breath and explained weakly.

She had never met the man in front of her. Even ordinary clothes could not hide his nobleness. A devilish smile appeared on his handsome face, making him seem gentle and seductive. However, while his voice was lazy and warm, it hid a coldness and power that struck fear in others.

Mo Xuetong groaned inwardly. She had hidden here while waiting for Mo Lan to get a carriage because she did not want to make trouble. However, she had not expected that she had still gotten into trouble. No wonder this door that had always been tightly shut had been open. It was because it had been left open deliberately for someone else. Had she known this, she should have gone with Mo Lan just now and leave this troublesome place.

“Something dangerous? Are you talking about me? You pulled on my robe the moment I entered and now you’re saying that I’m dangerous. Dare I ask what you’re trying to say?” A puff of heated air assaulted her ear. The man’s voice was so close to her. “What is it, are you playing hard to get?”

Mo Xuetong turned around as he moved closer to her suddenly. She happened to meet his passionate gaze. Their close distance, his seductive breathing, she could almost sense the piercing heat coming from him. Mo Xuetong’s calm face flushed. She stiffened and then hurriedly turned her head wanting to move to the side. However, she discovered that his palm was in front of her, blocking her way. It was as if she was being hugged by him.

Mo Xuetong felt that the situation was awkward. Her pale face flamed up.

She bit her lips and then calmed her beating heart. She looked up at his devilishly handsome face and said angrily, “Young sir, please move your hand and let me pass. Men and women don’t sit at the same table past the age of seven. Are you going to be so impolite?”

“Since men and women don’t sit at the same table after the age of seven, then why did you pull me just now?” The man mocked. He placed his hand in front of her. He had no intentions of letting go.

“Young sir, I already explained just now that it was an accident. Furthermore, this is a passageway. If young sir can pass through it, why can’t I?” Mo Xuetong was slightly angry. She cleared her throat and then said that to the young man straight.

The man was somewhat shocked by her rebuttal. Then, he laughed and said, “You seem like an innocent pretty girl. Why do you have such a temper?”

“What kind of temper has nothing to do with young sir. Please let go. Our young miss will come soon. If she sees you blocking me, she’ll wonder whether I did anything to you. She’ll definitely make things hard for me when we return to the manor.” Mo Xuetong looked down and said coldly. She was wearing the clothes of a maid right now. Furthermore, she did not wish to have anything to do with anyone else. She just wanted to get as far away as possible from him.

“You’re a maid?” The man looked at her up and down and said teasingly.

“Would I be here being tortured by you if I were not a maid?” Mo Xuetong said huffily.

“It’s such a pity that you’re a maid. Do you want to work for me? No one will make things difficult for you, and even I will dote on you. How about that?” He said that extremely gently as if they were the soft murmurings between lovers. Mo Xuetong’s face could not help but flame up again.

The warm air rolled over her earlobes like a warm breeze as if they were playing on her heartstrings. Mo Xuetong’s face was flushed. She was so angry that she could not release it right at that moment. She looked up with her lively eyes filled with annoyance. “Young sir, how could you be so impolite?”

“Is it? Could it be that I’m still considered impolite even though I’ve stooped to compromising? Do you mean to say that I’m not attractive to you at all!” The man’s eyes glinted and a light smile appeared on his lips. His eyes were so bright that it could even light up Mo Xuetong’s pale little face.

“This person is really…”

Mo Xuetong was speechless, so she did not say anything. She looked out and bit her lips. Then, she reached out and pushed away the hand blocking her without hesitation. Mo Lan had already been gone for some time and would return soon. If she greeted her as “miss” her identity would be revealed. This was the House of Treasures, and she could not guarantee that not a single person outside would not recognize her. When her mother was still alive, she had made friends with some of the other young ladies from noble families and there were only that many noble ladies and wives in Cloud City.

The man did not expect her to be so brave and to pull at him, disregarding social conventions. He paused and looked at the slender hand on his robe. It made the purple look like a tide of purple flowers left behind by fluttering butterflies, making it seem more alive and beautiful…

“Eighth brother. What are you doing? Come quickly.” A sudden warm and elegant voice sounded from deep inside the alley.

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