Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 The Falsely Solicitious Elder Sister Falls for the Plot (1)

Mo Xuetong was taking medication when Mo Xuemin entered. The medicine had been prescribed by the manager of the Repayment Temple.

“Third Sister, why have you become so ill. I was worried, so I rushed here immediately.” Mo Xuemin walked up to Mo Xuetong’s bed. She knew that Mo Xuetong was truly ill when she saw her pale haggard face. There was a smile on her lips.

Any woman would be flustered if they were discovered to have met with a man when they were supposed to be praying for blessings for their mother. Mo Xuetong might be smarter than before, but she had still fallen for her ploy.

Mo Xuemin felt pleased but did not show it at all. She sat beside Mo Xuetong’s bed solicitously and took the bowl of medicine in Mo Yu’s hand to feed it to Mo Xuetong.

“Many thanks, Eldest Sister. My health is poor and I’ve just caught a cold. I’ve troubled you into making such a long journey.” Mo Xuetong said softly. She looked tired and she leaned against a pillow and forced a smile.

“We are sisters, so why are you saying that? At least you’re alright. I asked Mo Lan earlier and she said that you will be better once you recuperate. Why not stay here for a while? I will tell father that you are very ill and cannot move.” Mo Xuemin’s eyes were gentle and she smiled happily.

Mo Xuemin was indeed a sly one. She wanted to keep Mo Xuetong here to ensure that her meeting with Sima Lingyun happened before she left.

Mo Xuetong held Mo Xuemin’s hand and smiled thankfully. She said gently, “Many thanks, Eldest Sister. I was wrong the last time. If I could stop father, you would not have…”

Mo Xuemin’s expression darkened. That was something she did not like mentioning at all. She despised her two younger sisters. One was cowardly and weak while the other was stupid and impolite. She did not expect that her plans had been foiled because of the stupid Mo Xueqiong. It was such an embarrassment to her. However, she quickly smiled and said, “Let the past be forgotten. It has nothing much to do with Third Sister and it was indeed I who had not followed etiquette so that I embarrassed myself in front of you.”

“Eldest Sister, you are too polite. You’re rather different today.” Mo Xuetong pushed the bowl in Mo Xuemin’s hands away and shook her head with a smile. Mo Lan had already brought her a honey persimmon and a handkerchief.

Mo Xuemin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She felt that Mo Xuetong was implying something. Could Mo Xuetong have seen something because she had been too happy?

She smiled warmly even though her heart was filled with trepidation. “Look at what you’re saying. I’ve been copying the ‘Classics for Women’ the past few days and had hurried here. I am finally reassured now that I see that you are well.”

“Eldest Sister, you look very tired. You probably haven’t slept well for the past two days. I have already gotten them to clean up the room next door. Rest there for now.” Mo Xuetong laid down again with Mo Ye’s help. She looked tired and weak.

“Then Third Sister, you rest while I go clean up.” Mo Xuemin stood up. She was really about to leave. She was still confused about what happened. But there was one thing she was certain about. Something must have happened between Sima Lingyun and Mo Xuetong yesterday.

As long as she could find out what happened, she would definitely spread the news. There were many nobles on the mountain praying for blessings, and Mo Xuetong would not be able to hide it even if she wanted to.

As such, Mo Xuemin did not stay for long in the room. She brought Mo Jin with her and they left quietly.

“Miss, First Miss is really going out. Should we get Mo Ye to follow her?” Mo Yu asked softly. She had been pretending to do needlework by the window. In reality, she had been keeping a close eye on Mo Xuemin.

Mo Xuetong lay in bed and opened her crystal clear eyes. She looked out the window and smiled faintly. “There’s no need to go out. Someone will naturally follow Eldest Sister.”

She naturally did not have to follow Mo Xuemin. Mo Xuemin was definitely going out to meet Sima Lingyun. Mo Feng had been vicious yesterday and had vented their anger sufficiently. It was impossible for Sima Lingyun to leave the mountain today. The manager of the temple had said, when Mo Yu invited him over, that there was a guest on the mountain who had fallen at night and hit his head. He even told them to be careful when walking on the mountain path.

“Get that Shuang Ye out. Say that I want to make a donation to the temple. You all cannot leave because you all are taking care of me. Get her to go.” A brilliant smile appeared on Mo Xuetong’s haggard appearance.

“Miss, would Shuang Ye really go find Zhenguo Duke’s son? What if she meets First Miss?” Mo Yu asked in confusion.

“She will definitely meet Eldest Sister, and she will go with her to visit His Excellency. She was the one who sent the pouch to Sima Lingyun yesterday. How can Eldest Sister not know this?” Even though Mo Xuetong was smiling, her eyes were cold. Mo Xuemin was not a careless person. She would not do anything before she found out what was happening.

In her past life, she had forced Mo Xuetong to death and finally taken off her false mask in the end. She revealed her sinister and vicious face then. Her good Eldest Sister would not behave carelessly until the end.

“Mo Yu, go and prepare our traveling things. We might have to move later. Mo Lan, come and help me brush my hair and clean up.” Mo Xuetong took Mo Lan’s hand and sat up slowly. She was really weak. And even though her fever had passed miraculously, she still did not have any strength at all. Her view turned dark the moment she sat up and Mo Lan was so afraid she hurried to hold her up.

“Miss, how can we leave the mountains when you’re so weak. Let’s leave tomorrow.” Mo Lan said concernedly.

“No. I have to go with Eldest Sister when she leaves the mountains. If I don’t, it would show that I am an unfeeling younger sister at a time like this.” A cold smile appeared by Mo Xuetong’s lips. She held on to Mo Lan and steadied herself. She insisted that Mo Lan help her off the bed. If anything happened to Mo Xuemin, she could not stay on the mountain alone as a good younger sister.

In her past life, Mo Xuemin had stepped on her and, in the end, taken her place because of her good reputation. In the end, she had even sent her to the pits of hell, a hell the color of blood. This life, she would definitely ruin Mo Xuemin’s good reputation step by step. First, she would strip her of her pretenses so that she would not be able to pander to the nobles. She would make her move towards hell.

The debts of so many people. The hopelessness she felt when she entered hell. Viciousness…

Indeed, Mo Xuetong had just cleaned up and forced herself to eat a few pieces of pastry when Mo Xuemin had already caused trouble.

Mo Xuemin brought Mo Jin out and looked at the courtyard beside them. There was no one at the door which was half open. However, from where she was standing, she saw that there were two guards standing inside the door. It looked like the tenant was from a noble family. Mo Xuemin and Sima Lingyun had planned for Mo Xuetong and Sima Lingyun to book courtyards beside each other.

However, they later heard that someone was staying in the courtyard and it was someone they could not offend. Sima Lingyun could not do anything but had to transfer to the guest rooms on the other side.

“First Miss, First Miss.” Mo Xuemin had only taken a few steps in that direction when she suddenly heard someone calling her from behind. She turned around to see a maid who was about 17 or 18. She looked passable and her eyes were very lively and coquettish. Mo Xuemin did not like her at all.

“Who are you?” Mo Jin took a step forward from her side, stopping the maid in a hostile tone.

“I am a maid Auntie Fang sent to Third Miss. I am Shuang Ye and came with Third Miss yesterday. I was the one who sent the thing.” Shuang Ye was a smart one and could see that Mo Xuemin was standing high up on the stairs and looked at her with disdain. She looked around and then answered softly.

Auntie Fang had arranged for someone to send Mo Xuetong a pouch. This was something Mo Xuemin had set up. However, Auntie Fang had picked the one to do it. Mo Xuemin once again felt helpless regarding Auntie Fang’s taste in picking people. The maid looked slutty and she did not like her at all. Wasn’t she deliberately attracting attention?!

“You saw His Excellency yesterday?” Even though Mo Xuemin did not like her, there were still things she had to ask.

“Yes. His Excellency went drinking with his friends at the bottom of the mountain and I deliberately sent the thing over. His friends all saw it.” Shuang Ye thought of how Auntie Fang had promised to let her bed Eldest Master and was thrilled. The way she spoke with Mo Xuemin grew even closer.

Mo Xuemin slowly turned and walked inside with the help of Mo Jin. Shuang Ye knew that First Miss was allowing her to follow after them and she followed them hurriedly in a small jog.

Shuang Ye was not as stupid as Qiu Ling. She already knew what was happening in the back courtyards of the Mo Manor. Following the First Miss was different from following the sickly Third Miss. If Auntie Fang became the wife, then the most powerful figure in the back courtyard would be First Miss. Furthermore, First Young Master was First Miss’s older brother by blood. It seemed that she would have more of a future following First Miss.

Sima Lingyun stayed not far from Mo Xuetong even though they lived in two different directions. Mo Xuemin asked questions about what happened last night all the way from where Mo Xuetong stayed. They headed east and reached the men’s courtyards. She realized that Shuang Ye did not know much and then she stopped asking questions.

She intended to meet Sima Lingyun to get a clear idea of what happened.

Mo Xuetong stopped outside Sima Lingyun’s courtyard. She turned around to say to Shuang Ye lightly, “You, go in. Ask His Excellency to come out to speak.” Even though it was quiet in the mountains, there might be people watching. Someone might see her if she entered. She had always been careful and would not allow there to be gossip about her.

“Yes.” Shuang Ye was pleased that Mo Xuemin had use for her. She was eager to perform and entered after pushing the doors open.

Later, she ran in hurriedly and said, “First Miss, something is wrong. His Excellency has been injured and he’s lying in bed now.”

Injured? Mo Xuemin was surprised and she felt a sense of unease. She looked around her and found that there was no one. She hurried inside with two maids. She felt anxious and wanted to find out what happened. As such, she did not think too much.

In the corridor, Sima Lingyun’s servant was brewing medicine. When he saw Mo Xuemin approaching, he abandoned the fire and put down the fan in his hand hurriedly. He went up to Mo Xuemin and bowed hurriedly.

“Where’s His Excellency? Ask him to come out. I will leave after speaking with him for a while.”

“First Miss Mo, His Excellency was beaten up by someone last night. He just woke up and had medicine before falling asleep.” The servants said awkwardly.

Beaten up by someone last night? The servant’s words were like a lightning strike to Mo Xuetong’s heart. She squeezed Mo Jin’s hand tightly and tried to suppress the panic she felt. She asked anxiously, “Then what happened after that? Was it successful?”

Mo Jin’s hand hurt from Mo Xuemin’s squeezing but she did not dare to say anything and only bore it with a frown.

Mo Xuemin did not care who had beaten up Sima Lingyun and for what reason. What she hoped to hear the most was that all was successful and that Mo Xuetong had fallen for their scheme. The uneasiness she felt was very strong and her face paled subconsciously.

“No. His Excellency was beaten up before he saw Third Young Miss Mo. His Excellency’s friends ran off angrily when they saw the paper in the pouch.” The servant only saw that Sima Lingyun’s friends walking off angrily when they saw the paper. He still did not know what was written on it that could anger the two so much. They even glared at him as if he were their enemy, and even now, when he thought of it, he still felt afraid.

When was there a note in the pouch?

“Mo Jin, let’s go quickly.” Mo Xuemin gritted her teeth. She felt very anxious and did not feel well. She had not had the time to ask about anything else and turned to leave.

“Oh, it is indeed the First Miss Mo who has come to visit the Zhenguo Duke’s son. You’re worried that His Excellency has been injured yesterday and rushed up the mountain this morning. Everyone, and you all are still doubtful? How is it? Admit defeat, everyone. You all owe me 10 taels of silver.” A flippant voice came from the entrance.

Mo Xuemin felt weak and she almost fainted.

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