Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Weird Repayment Temple

Mo Xuetong brought Mo Lan, Mo Yu and two other maids.

The two second-tier maids were people that Auntie Fang sent. The good looking one was called Shuang Ye while the other one who looked reserved was called Qiu Ling. Mo Xuetong leaned against the carriage walls and closed her eyes to rest because she had not slept much last night. Mo Lan was also dozing off against the window. Only Mo Yu, who was sitting at the side, looked energetic.

The maids who were not sleeping did not speak since their mistress was sleeping.

“Big sister Mo Yu, why is Third miss so tired? Is she feeling poorly?” Shuang Ye, who was sitting by the side saw Mo Xuetong’s pale and haggard appearance, and could not help but ask softly.

“Miss has always been weak. She was tired and had a lot to worry about this journey to the Repayment Temple so she did not sleep well.” Mo Yu looked up and said lightly. She did not like Shuang Ye at all.

“Oh, Big sister Mo Yu…”Shuang Ye still wanted to say something but Mo Yu waved at her and indicated to her coldly not to speak.

Shuang Ye opened her mouth and then shut it helplessly.

They did not speak the entire way there. Mo Yu helped Mo Xuetong off the carriage when they arrived before the mountain. It was still early and the temple in the mountain was especially quiet. There were not many who had come to pray. There were only a few monks and nuns cleaning up the yard. Because they had notified the temple early, there was a little nun who was about seven or eight waiting at the door. She walked up to them with a smile and welcomed them.

Mo Lan brought Shuang Ye and Qiu Ling to set up the guest room. Mo Xuetong would be here for three days, so she would stay in the room for two nights.

Mo Xuetong brought Mo Yu to the great hall. The sun shone in, casting a red glow on all things. It was already late autumn and the wind was slightly cold. The rustle of the broom sweeping could be heard on the vast grounds. It was peaceful and quiet, as if they were on sacred grounds.

There were monks and early visitors in the great hall. Some of the visitors who had come early chanted scriptures with the monks.

Mo Xuetong found a futon at the corner of the hall and sat down. She closed her eyes and listened to the high monk in front reciting the scripture…

The lesson ended some time later. The visitors left and Mo Xuetong brought Mo Yu with her as they left the hall slowly. They approached the rooms where female visitors stayed in. It was quiet and peaceful. Mo Yu relaxed and accompanied Mo Xuetong in admiring the scenery as they returned. Suddenly a person rushed out at the corner and almost knocked into Mo Xuetong.

Mo Xuetong took two steps back. Mo Yu was already in front of her and yelling, “How dare you.”

The person moved quickly and was skilled. He then took a step back and caught himself, “Third Miss Mo?”

Mo Xuetong shuddered and her face paled. Her hands, which were hidden in her sleeves tightened into a fist. She stared at the person who looked up elegantly. The angles on his face were sharp and his dark eyes seemed to smile. He was attractive and made a favorable impression.

This person was no other than Sima Lingyun.

Auntie Fang appeared in her mind. No. Back then, her father had already married her. She was Madam Fang. She had smiled at her benevolently and said, “Tong’er, His Excellency had saved you and you two are considered to have touched intimately. Furthermore, he likes your talent and is willing to marry you. I have asked around, His Excellency hasn’t had any bed maids. He is considered a good husband. He is also young and talented. You will be very blissful after marrying him.”

“Third sister, all the girls in the capital will be jealous that you can marry His Excellency. You’re so fortunate.” Mo Xuemin had smiled like a radiant flower.

But in the end? It had been endless blood and hate…

It was so bloody, it was beyond anything one could imagine…

Mo Xuetong hid the hate in her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt warmth returning to her body. That hate had already entered her bones and blood. She had returned to this life for revenge, so how could she be afraid of meeting him?

“So it is Your Excellency. Greetings.” She took two steps back and then curtsied behind Mo Yu. She pulled Mo Yu to the side and did not intend to speak much with him. They were not far from the great hall. There were many people walking around, and there would definitely be negative rumors if they saw an unmarried young lady speaking with a man for an extended period of time.

“We are really fated. What are you doing here? Is anything the matter? Why don’t you let me accompany you? It’d be easy to settle anything then.” Sima Lingyun looked at the young lady in front of him almost greedily. Her eyes looked as if they were filled with air. Her long lashes fluttered, exuding an indescribable beauty. Even though her face was a little pale, she was still a charming beauty. The autumn sun shone on her, almost as if giving her an aura of light. Her innocence and her coyness was very much attractive.

“I came to pray for my mother, so I won’t trouble Your Excellency.” Mo Xuetong saw that he had no intentions of leaving, so she curtsied indifferently again and said, “I still have something on, so I won’t chat with Your Excellency anymore.”

Then she brought Mo Yu with her and walked by Sima Lingyun.

“Ah, Miss Mo, I’ll be here if anything happens. You can just let your maids know.” Sima Lingyun immediately backed away politely to allow her to pass. A trace of satisfaction flashed in his eyes. Regardless of the price of such a beauty, it was sufficient for anyone to be stirred. Furthermore, the power of the Fuguo’s behind her was the power he needed. As long as he succeeded this time, he would have both the beauty and power…

“Miss…” Mo Yu wanted to speak up as she helped Mo Xuetong along. However, she was stopped by Mo Xuetong.

When she returned to her room, Mo Xuetong discovered that there was someone staying next to her. The doors were opened but she did not see anyone. She frowned and stopped. She looked at the entrance and asked Mo Lan, “Who’s staying here?”

“I don’t know either. The doors were already opened when I arrived. I asked the little nun and she only said that it was a noble and told us not to bother them in case they get angry.” Mo Lan knew what Mo Xuetong was thinking.

A cold glint flashed in her eyes. It was fine as long as it was not Sima Lingyun!

Since it was a noble, it would definitely not be Sima Lingyun. Even though he was the duke’s son, everyone knew that the Zhenguo family was failing. Even though the old duke had passed away, Sima Lingyun was still using his status as a duke. It was rather awkward. It was said that because the old duke had once been implicated in the uprising of the King of Qin, which had upset the emperor, he had only retained his title as the duke’s son.

It was still uncertain whether he can retain the duke’s title.

In her past life, Sima Lingyun had pleaded with her mother’s family and had gained the title.

In this life, that was probably why Sima Lingyun tried to please her. Of course, she would not believe that Sima Lingyun would stop there. Since he appeared today, it proved that Auntie Fang and he had further plots against her.

In this life, she would not allow them to manipulate her.

A cold smile appeared on her lips.

Mo Yu entered her room with Mo Lan.

She had just left when a monk entered. The monk hurried through the door of the room beside. It was very relaxed outside and there was no one guarding the entrance. However, the monk knew that there were secret guards every where. There were two on the two trees at the entrance who were watching the entrace. There were also many skilled experts inside.

They would know even if a bird flew by, much less a human being entering.

“Greetings, Your Highness. I have something to report.” The monk stood at the door and did not dare to enter. He spoke in the spacious yard respectfully.

“Hold on,” said a sharp voice. Moments later, an armored guard appeared at the corridor and said to the monk, “Enter.”

There were bamboo curtains in the room. One could see a figure holding his hands behind his back through the curtains.

“What’s the matter?” Said the lazy voice. The voice was enough to make a person drunk and want to find out how handsome its owner was.

“Your Highness, the item has appeared. Please verify it.” The monk dared not dawdle and answered respectfully. The person inside was not someone he could peep at.

“Where did you see it?” The man asked after a moment.

“On a pouch that Miss Mo is wearing. The symbol embroidered on it is the same. I noticed it when she entered just now, so I came to report to Your Highness immediately after the morning class.” The monk asked a little nun to ask about the beautiful young woman when he saw her. That was when he found out that it was the young lady from the Mo Manor who had come to pray for her deceased mother. This matter was planned the day before yesterday, so there were records in the temple. They could find out with just a check.

“Which young miss of the Mo manor?” A man appeared from behind the lifted curtains. The first thing one saw was the wide purple robes with an exquisite dragon embroidered at the sleeves. It made him look causal and free. His lively black eyes glowed like diamonds, making his phoenix eyes look charming.

The almost devilishly handsome face looked bright.

He was extremely handsome and was alluring to anyone who took a look at him.

Even the monk who had seen him several times did not dare to look at his radiant appearance straight. Such radiance, and such beauty, he was more beautiful than a woman. However, the monk knew that the person in front of him was not as beautiful and harmless as he seemed.

When the monk saw that the man had walked out, he dared not look up. He replied cautiously, “Your Highness, even though I’m not sure which Miss it is, the little nun said that the steward who came to make the booking once mentioned the First Miss of the Mo family, so it should be the First Miss who had come.”

“The First Miss of the Mo family? The one that looks like a peacock and likes to get into trouble with men? That’s so disgusting.” The handsome man lifted the curtains and returned to the room.

“Your Highness, then those matters…”The monk did not dare to wipe away the sweat on his forehead.

“Just give her any random two guards. Since she had made a pouch especially, she naturally knows about the matter. Get the guards to find out more about her and see where she found the information from.” The voice in the room sounded irritated.

“Yes,” The monk did not dare to say no. He bowed and then left with the guards at the door.

“Your Highness, since you have returned to the capital, the eldest princess would like to know when you’re free and to accompany her in the palace if you are.” A guard entered and reported at the entrance.

“Tell the eldest princess that the scenery at the Repayment Temple is decent. Ask her to invite Aunt here to play. It’s so crowded at the palace, Aunt would prefer a quiet place.

“Yes, but where would the eldest princess stay should she come? All the visitors’ rooms in the temple have been booked these few days.” The guard said awkwardly.

“Get the people next door to move out.” The voice was light, but his orders could not be defied. “Get them to leave earlier.”


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