Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The Meeting

Luo Mingzhu smiled gratefully and let go of Mo Xuetong’s hand. She knew that Mo Xuetong’s words had convinced their grandmother to give her a chance to meet the man.

“Old Madam, although the medicine in this prescription is not very strong, you still need to avoid certain food. It is better to avoid food with conflicting properties. I wrote down some other food to avoid. Please take this, Old Madam.” The clear voice was like a melody flowing like spring water. Bai Yihao turned around, smiled and said to the old madam while setting the paper in his hand to dry on one side.

“Thank you, Sir Bai, we have troubled you. I don’t know if you can treat my granddaughter. She has been weak since childhood and has not gotten better even after taking so many drugs.” Old Madam Xu looked at Mo Xuetong, who emerged from the screen, with worried eyes. She waved at Bai Yihao with her slender pale hands.

Bai Yihao turned to look at the woman standing at the side. Her beauty and naive charm were not lessened by her plain clothes. Instead, it made her look clean and outstanding. Her beauty was natural and her long lashes fluttered lightly. Her crystal clear eyes were curious but not shy.

Her delicate and immature body was like a weak lotus in the wind. Although fragile, it was tough. Her delicate little face is as white as jade. She looked at him with pure appreciation and slightly aloof. Never had a woman looked at him such pure appreciation. Indeed as she said, no matter men or women, he was admired by everyone!

“Please stretch out your hand!” Bai Yihao’s gentle voice was clear and elegant as he turned to Mo Xuetong with a smile.

Mo Xuetong curtsied and took two steps. She sat at the seat where Old Madam Xu had just vacated and stretched out her slender pale hand on the table, Bai Yihao stretched out his hand and placed it on her wrist. He lowered his head, carefully sensing her pulse, frowning slightly. He was indeed a very handsome young man. Even his head of looking down was charming. His pure and carefree temperament made it hard for others to believe that the beautiful young man was one day become an emperor who was decisive on who to punish and kill! And that one day, blood would stain his robes red.

“Do you sometimes feel sleepy, but cannot sleep at night? Do you occasionally have headaches, and can’t even eat well when you don’t feel well?” All of a sudden, Bai Yihao sweet voice, which was like a clear spring could be heard. She looked up and was startled to see those beautiful eyes looking at her gently and with a smile on his lips. She was startled and her cheeks flushed inexplicably. She felt as if she had been seen through completely, and she turned away guiltily, avoiding the young man’s affectionate and gentle gaze.

“Yes!” She lowered her head and tried to hide the nervousness in her eyes. Just now, she felt as if the man had seen through her secret. The feeling that the secret at the bottom of her heart being completely revealed made her suddenly alert. How could Bai Yihao, who has done so much, be a normal person?

Being reborn was her greatest secret and her greatest support. She never thought anyone could see through her disguise. But just now, she actually felt as if she had been seen through and panicked inexplicably. She dared not look at those handsome eyes that seemed affectionate. She knew that this person was definitely not as gentle as he seemed on the surface.

Her hand was gently placed on the table, Bai Yihao turned back to the table and started to write. With a wave of his hand, she also had a prescription and a list of things to take note of, just like the old madam.

“Many thanks, Sir Bai!” She ordered Mo Yu to come forward to take the prescription. Mo Xuetong thanked Bai Yihao gently and curtsied. Her eyes were clear like spring water, and she looked up to, revealing her naturally coy gaze. When she looked at Bai Yihao again, she had regained her calmness. She did not believe that Bai Yihao could see through her, no matter how great he was.

Bai Yihao left with Luo Wenyou.

“Younger sister Tong, he’s so handsome! I really met him!” Luo Mingzhu finally emerged from her daze when Bai Yihao and Luo Wenyou left. She pulled Mo Xuetong’s hands and almost wanted to jump up and down, looking as if she could not believe her luck. She had never thought that she would be able to sit so close to someone like that. He was so close that she could clearly see his long lashes and clear, handsome eyes.

“Second cousin, yes, you have seen him. Please sit down first. Grandmother is going to make fun of you. You are the darling daughter of Fugong.” Mo Xuetong smiled and nudged her to sit beside Old Madam Xu.

“Younger sister Tong is not excited?” Luo Mingzhu regained her wits with the nudge. She looked up at Mo Xuetong incredulously as if she was seeing her for the first time.

“Why should I be excited?” Mo Xuetong’s eyes glowed with curiosity.

“That’s Sir Bai! He’s peerless and second to none. There’s only one person like him in Qin. Other than the eighth prince whom I heard have only recently appeared, he’s the most handsome person on earth! How can Younger sister Tong have no reactions to him?” Luo Mingzhu was even more surprised than she was. She held up her handkerchief against her mouth and asked in astonishment, as if Mo Xuetong was going against the law by not being excited.

“You wench!” Old Madam Xu nodded in secret upon seeing Mo Xuetong’s calm appearance. She reached out to slap Luo Mingzhu’s hand and scolded affectionately, “Since you know that he’s like a deity, your cousin looked at him in appreciation but her heart had not wavered. You should learn from her. How can an older sister behave like you?

Luo Mingzhu grew up with Old Madam Xu and was the only granddaughter. She was naturally very doted on and was not careful when she spoke. She covered her face and looked tearfully at the old madam, saying grievously. “Grandmother, now that you have my smart younger cousin, you don’t want stupid old me anymore!”

Then, she covered her pouting mouth, looking terribly upset.

Mo Xuetong smiled and reached out to touch her cousin’s forehead. She rather liked this cousin of hers. She was gentle and innocent, but spoke truthfully. The old madam smiled happily when she saw her two obedient and caring grandchildren.

After lunch, Mo Xuetong told the old madam asked about getting a teaching nanny. The old madam agreed at once. She told Mo Xuetong to move over for a few days so that she could receive lessons and also learn about the noble families of the capital. Since she had entered the capital, she should be careful with how she acted and what she said so she did not embarrass herself.

The old madam grew tired and was going to take an afternoon nap. Luo Mingzhu was called upon by her mother. Mo Xuetong left Mo Yu to take care of the old madam and brought Mo He to the garden. The Luo family garden was not unfamiliar to Mo Xuetong. She used to walk through it many times in her past life.

She followed the winding path towards the lotus pond. There was a pavilion built beside it. It was late autumn and the lotus leaves have already withered, leaving behind empty branches in the clear water. The autumn wind made one feel cold.

“Miss, you’re not wearing enough clothes. I will go and get you the cape the old madam gave you earlier. Don’t catch a cold.” Mo He said when she saw Mo Xuetong shivering slightly.

Mo Xuetong nodded. Her gaze landed on a tree not far away, and her expression darkened.

“Miss, wait for me over there and don’t go away. I’ll be back quickly. “Mo He had seen the tree as well. She left hurriedly after telling her mistress that.

There was a long verandah and Mo Xuetong stepped on the soft wooden corridor and listened to the whistling wind. The wind lifted up her white skirt and somehow made her feel more miserable. With her head down, she listened to the sound of her footsteps and the wind. Her feelings felt as if they had traveled through time. There was a wry smile on her lips. She was truly a reborn spirit. She brought her sadness with her as she listened to the sounds of the rustling leaves.

In her past life, she had died so miserably. She would be startled awake every time she dreamt.

In this life, she would definitely make those she cared about live blissfully. She would take a clear path of revenge that was flooded with blood.

Music could be heard, being carried by the wind. It felt otherworldly. The music drifted, like the running springs of the mountains, or like the clouds in the skies. It was inexplicably carefree.

Mo Xuetong followed the music and went past the verandah. She turned to see at the pavilion, a beautiful boy sitting in front of an antique stringed instrument. He moved his fingers naturally, plucking and picking. Music flowed from his fingertips. He did not stop when he saw her. There was a strand of long hair that fell across his cheek that swayed with the wind.

Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell from his face on to his fast-moving hands. Those flawless plucked lightly, and music flowed out like water. It sounded like a thousand thoughts, and yet, like moving clouds and water. It was mesmerizing.

She could see a red light blazing like fire with the music. She laughed maniacally in the fire, and the burning, vicious fire burned up to the skies. Sima Lingyun and Mo Xuemin’s sardonic laughter could be heard outside the fire. At this moment, she felt a burning hatred in her heart. She could not control her feet and her eyes were fixed on the gently moving hands on the instrument. She could see nothing else.

The music suddenly stopped and a pleasant laughter could be heard. “What are you thinking about, and why do you hate so much!”

Mo Xuetong was standing in front of him, staring dazedly at his hands resting on the instrument. His fingers were long and white. The joints were even and were like flawless jade. She took a deep breath and looked up at the elegant and gentle handsome face. A faint smile appeared on her lips as she said, “Is there anyone who does not have thoughts or hate? Sir, do you really think so?”

That was not a question but a statement. How could a decisive emperor really be carefree? And how could he be as free and uninhibited like the clouds in the sky?

“Hey, what did you see?” Bai Yihao’s laughter grew even clearer, the emotion in his eyes were indecipherable.

“Even though the clouds and flowing water were calm, but they were soulless. Sir, you are indeed talented, for you see things differently! I’m the smallest fallen leaf in the world, and am only seeing for a safe corner! Please help me.” Mo Xuetong took a deep breath and looked up determinedly. Her hands, though, were fisted tightly around her sleeves and were sweating coldly.

She had asked Bai Yihao out intentionally. It was not to talk about music. She did not have much time to succeed. She must not hold back!

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