Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 422 - Amazing Marksmanship

Chapter 422: Amazing Marksmanship

Although Ye Jian didn’t know Xia Jinyuan’s intentions, she knew that he admired her.

After returning the gun to him, the colors on her face and her heartbeat went back to normal. In an instant, she became demure and calm. “I like it a lot. Captain Xia, thanks for giving me this opportunity!”

“Opportunities are not given by others, you should be grabbing them.” He took the pistol and buckled it at the steering wheel, putting it back into its original place. The modified jeep had a special place for placing a pistol.

“Get off, let’s see how accurate you are.” He opened the door and got out of the jeep. There was still a bit of coldness left in his eyes after speeding around in the jeep. He glanced at Ye Jian with his deep eyes. “Let’s see how much you have grown after a year.”

One either moves forward or fall behind. Based on the little fox’s capabilities, she should not have fallen behind.

The car’s speed was maintained at at least 300 kilometers per hour. Standing beside the target, Xia Jinyuan raised his head slightly. His handsome and exquisite side profile made Ye Jian glance over.

He looked at it and happiness spread from his eyebrows to his gloomy eyes. “Two shots were fired here, and both of the blank cartridges hit the same position. Interesting.”

Ye Jian looked at her scores and raised her eyebrows. “How is that? Satisfied?”

“Quite satisfied. In fact, it’s surprising. I never thought my little fox would be so impressive.” He lowered his head. The laughter in his eyes was like rippling water, with the power to contain everything. People who looked at him could dispel all the rashness they had in their hearts.

Surrounded by his gaze, Ye Jian’s heart trembled slightly. This man’s eyes… were too captivating. She was flustered when she looked into his eyes accidentally, and said disgruntledly, “What little fox? It sounds intimate.”

One sentence was enough to calm Ye Jian down. She then lifted her head, looked at the laughing man and got serious. “Captain Xia… I’m not a fox… You don’t have to… say it like this.”

She had no experience and never had any contact with the opposite sex. Even though she might be calm, her words still sounded pure and innocent.

She was ruthless, and yet her words were so pure and innocent. These were two extremes that should not be combined together. Yet, Ye Jian had both, blending together nicely. She was eye-catching like a blooming orchid. The more you look at it, the more you felt that she was beautiful, and the more you are unwilling to part with her.

Xia Jinyuan was like that. The more he looked, the more he felt that he had a great taste. He heard the words and smiled, “The important thing is not what you’ve said, it’s…” He pointed at the targets that haven’t been checked. “Those are the important things. There are still thirteen bullets, let’s go and check if the results are still as impressive.”

He stepped over with his long legs and headed for the next target, leaving Ye Jian with a helpless look as she kept up with him.

She made those shots herself. She had a feeling about every bullet that went out and was sure about the outcome without even checking.

She maintained a distance away from him. Far away from his minty smell, but near enough for her to hear and speak to him. Ye Jian thought she was being impassive, but Xia Jinyuan, that ‘wolf’ had already seen through her.

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