Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 368 - The Careful Little Fox

Chapter 368: The Careful Little Fox

Uncle Gen also evaded Ye Zhifan. After he took Ye Jian’s registered residence from Ye Zhifan, he never interacted with him again. He must have known about this too.

Also, Uncle Chen must be lowering his presence too when he chose to leave school.

Her two elders always taught her to be strong and independent. This is the only way she will be able to walk further in the future. She needs to reach a height that Ye Ying will be unable to surpass. She needs to hold more power so that no one can threaten her. Linking everything up, they were already trying to tell her that there was someone supporting Ye Zhifan.

As for her, she needs to be stronger than this person.

Ye Zhifan was in the political world while she was in the military. As long as she was able to maintain her position in the military, other people will have to think twice before touching her.

After Xia Jinyuan confirmed her thinking, Ye Jian felt more relaxed. She looked up and smiled. “I’ve never thought of fighting him head-on.”

“Last year, he was trying to tell me that no matter how good my results are, I’ll still be in his control if I stay in school. That’s why I chose to tear the notification letter and leave Anyang City. He just has power in the city now. As for the province… when I received the notification letter from Provincial No.1 Middle School, I knew that he doesn’t have much power in the province yet.”

“No matter how fast his position rises, he will not be able to rise in rank in two years. I’ll leave the Southern Province before his hands reach into the provincial city.”

Ye Jian paused for a moment. As Xia Jinyuan’s gaze turned darker, she said slowly, “I don’t want to fight with him head-on but I need to let him know that I can’t be bullied easily too.”

“Based on Ye Zhifan’s suspicious character, he’ll be wondering if I have someone helping me too. After looking at the situation, he will not do too many things to me. If he wants to do something behind my back, he’ll worry about the person supporting me. As for why he’ll feel that there’s someone powerful behind my back, I’m sure you know the reason.”

As expected of Little Fox. If she continues like this, she will become a demon one day.

She made used Ye Zhifan’s suspicious nature by appearing domineering in front of him so that he would think that she was really not afraid of him.

Of course, she was not afraid that she wouldn’t be able to study. She was so smart after all.

Even when other people felt that she wouldn’t be able to study anymore, she made use of the one year away from school to undergo special training. Then, she came back and retook the exam. She used her ability to prove to people that she was not someone who gives up easily.

Xia Jinyuan leaned back on his chair and smiled. “Aren’t you afraid that Ye Zhifan would do something to your papers?”

“I handed in my papers early and solved questions in front of so many teachers and leaders of the school. Everyone in school knew about my performance. If the person he called is not stupid and looked up about me, he would know that he is unable to touch my script.”

“Also, when I came back, Principal Cao told me personally that I can enter Provincial No.1 Middle School. Director Li from the Capital No. 1 Middle School also told me that if I’m willing to go to the capital city to study, I can take his recommendation letter and enter any school I want.”

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