Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 360 - I Hope So Too

Chapter 360: I Hope So Too

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“You…” Zhou Liao’s eyes lit up. He heard something different in Ye Jian’s tone. She always used to be calm and indifferent but she sounded different this time. After some time, he sighed and smiled sincerely, “Ye Jian, you always give people surprises.”

“It may be a surprise to you but it’s a scare to other people.” Ye Jian raised her eyebrows. Her indifferent aura changed suddenly. It turned cold and fierce. “Thanks for your concern. Let’s keep in contact more.”

Zhou Liao pushed his spectacles up and stretched out his hand. “We can’t be in the same school in senior high so let’s hope that we can go to the same university.”

“I hope so too.” Ye Jian reached out his hand and smiled. “Let’s hope to be classmates again.”

This was a promise. Whether they became classmates or not in the future, her friends and she sincerely hope that they can be together again at this moment.

An Jiaxin shouted happily, “I’ll call Ye Ying when I get back. Hahaha, she’ll be so angry.”

“Classmate An, I don’t want to be rejected from a school again. Hence, you all must keep this a secret. After I finish my registration, you can tell anyone you want.” Ye Jian knew that the Provincial Bureau of Education kept her results a secret so she smiled and stopped them. “No one must know this now. I am only telling the four of you about this.”

After a moment of silence, the four people agreed simultaneously.

Grandpa Gen, who was resting in the house, laid on his rocking chair with a fan in his hand. He closed his eyes and decided not to interrupt the gathering of the youngsters.

School was starting soon so the four of them stayed at Ye Jian’s house for the night and left in the early morning.

An Jiaxin didn’t want to leave. She cried as she pulled Ye Jian’s hand and said, “Heartless girl, you must remember to keep in contact with me. If not…”

“How embarrassing. Pull her onto the bus!” Ye Jian felt goosebumps all over her body. She quickly asked Zhang Bin to pull An Jiaxin onto the bus. Everyone on the bus was looking at them.

An Jiaxin laughed heartily. The bus started moving. Ye Jian saw four hands sticking out of the window and waving at her.

These were friends. They were willing to travel long distances to see you just because they were worried about you.

One week after they left, Ye Jian left the village with her notification letter. She was going to the provincial city alone this time to study. As compared to last year, her feelings this time was different.

The car drove past the mountain roads and brought Ye Jian to another vast city. This was the place she would be staying for the next two years.

Since someone said that entering the Provincial No.1 Middle School was a proud thing, she would tell this person personally that getting into Provincial No.1 Middle School was indeed something to be proud of.

She was able to get in once, she would be able to get in again.

In the end, Ye Jian still chose Provincial No.1 Middle School.

Her train would be leaving at 8.30 pm just like last time. It would reach the provincial city train station in the early morning.

This was her third time on the train. Ye Jian found her seat quickly. She didn’t buy a sleeping berth ticket. She chose a seat ticket that was cheaper. The train bumped and shook its way into the provincial city.

When she got down the train, Ye Jian felt that she smelled like sweat. She went to the nearest place to take a bath and changed into clean clothes before continuing her journey.

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