Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 354 - Let's Wait And See

Chapter 354: Let’s Wait And See

His tone turned stern as he threatened her. “I don’t care who is helping you. You’ll only be able to survive if you lower your head! If not, you’ll not be able to get into any school no matter how good your results are.”

Ye Zhifan thought that if Ye Jian showed any signs of fear, he would be able to take control of her.

He felt that he would definitely be able to see fear on Ye Jian’s face after threatening her like this. She was just a child. She would feel frightened when adults scold her. As long as she was afraid, he would be able to convince her to give up studying and then force her out of the Southern Province.

Ye Jian narrowed her eyes. He was threatening and testing her?

Ye Jian started laughing lightly when she thought about this possibility. There was coldness in her laughter. “I can’t study? Town Mayor Ye, you’re really powerful. Sure, let’s wait and see then.”

“Wait and see? You imbecile, let’s see how much you score! You want to compare with Yingying? Who do you think you are?” Ye Zhifan was at a disadvantage now but he didn’t notice it. His emotions were being influenced by Ye Jian completely. He glared at Ye Jian coldly and said arrogantly, “Ye Jian, I’ll wait for you to cry and beg me!”

“What is Ye Ying? She’s not worth my effort. As for crying and begging, wait for it then.” Ye Jian smiled and refuted. “Also, be careful of losing your position if you continue to act like this.”

Officers hated people telling them that they would lose their position. Ye Zhifan hated it too. His expression was bad already but it got even redder.

Ye Jian’s laughter got louder when she saw the change in his expression. When she left, Ye Zhifan’s face was still black. He looked at Ye Jian’s back view coldly. “Looking for death! Let’s see how long you can maintain your arrogance. Do you want to surpass Yingying? You’re overestimating yourself.”

He didn’t have the confidence to tell her that he was able to make her leave school with a single sentence. He knew that he was unable to do anything to her results this time.

The people from the military unit even invited a notary to send her papers over directly. Ye Zhifan understood this but he was still furious. That was why he came over to threaten Ye Jian. He wanted to see if she really had someone backing her up.

However, he didn’t manage to find out anything and even vomited blood from anger.

Ye Jian didn’t care about what he said. She even managed to understand his true intention.

After understanding his intention, Town Mayor Ye was like a paper tiger to her.

Ye Zhifan took a while before he managed to swallow his anger. He went back to his car and called his daughter that night. He told her that Ye Jian took part in the senior high school entrance exam so that she would be prepared for it.

Ye Ying was revising at home and preparing for the year-end exam. She laughed as though she heard some jokes and said, “So what if she took part in the senior high school entrance exam? She won’t be able to do anything if she enters a bad high school.”

“I’m the top 30 in my level and my class is the best class too. My form teacher is one of the best teachers in our school too.” After one year, Ye Ying had become more composed. She just scoffed when she heard that Ye Jian had returned to school. “I have two more years before I graduate. She has three more years. Wait for it. I’ll make sure to trample on her mercilessly.”

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