Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 347 - Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Chapter 347: Nothing To Be Afraid Of

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“Your kidney has always been weak. You should know the consequence better than me. As for me, Major Han, don’t be jealous.” Xia Jinyuan stepped on the accelerator. The dust was not able to hide the smile on his face. He was very experienced when it came to disturbing his childhood friend.

 Han Zheng scoffed. The car left the bus station, leaving a trail of dust behind.

 At the same time, in a forest in the western province, the animals living in the forest were just waking up. After Ye Jian, Granpa Gen, and Principal Chen arrived at the western province, they settled Grandpa Gen down as planned and then started their training.

 “This is the training for the third year of the Four-Year Plan. It is good that you decided to leave school.” Principal Chen held a military map in his hand and looked at the energetic little girl amiably. “The Four-Year Plan is pushed forward by 14 months. That is unexpected.”

 The Four-Year Plan started in April 1995.

 It was February 1997 now, However, they were undergoing the training that should be done in 1998. This was a good thing that occurred because of Ye Jian’s leave of absence from school.

 Ye Jian smiled happily when she heard what Principal Chen said. “I still have to thank the Municipal No.1 Middle School for that. If it wasn’t for them, I won’t have a reason to let you and Grandpa Gen agree with my decision to leave school for a period of time.”

 “Cunning little girl. Everything happened according to your wishes.” Principal Chen smiled. This little girl had many schemes up her sleeve. “Come, let’s discuss our training.”

 They had a specific path to follow after they entered the forest. They located their position and their path on the military map.

 They planned the place where they would enter the forest and where they would exit from.

 Other people her age were studying in school but Ye Jian had already stepped into society.

 This was a vast distance. Many people might not be able to catch up with her even if they spent their whole life trying to.

 A magnificent path was laid out for Ye Jian. She was destined to become extraordinary.

 Principal Chen had a serious expression on his face as he repeated their path. He held a branch in his hand and said, “This is our starting point. This is the ending point. We’ll come out from the ending point three months later and join Grandpa Gen there. Little girl, I don’t have to tell you how dangerous The Thousand Forest is, right?”

 “We must come out three months later. It’ll be the rainy season then so it’ll be even more dangerous then.”

 “I’m able to do it. I’m just worried about your old injury.” Ye Jian pursed her lips. She was still worried about Uncle Chen’s body. “Shall we shorten the training to two months?”

 Principal Chen’s gaze turned cold. He said in a stern tone, “This is the training plan. You agreed to it last time. You don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of yourself.”

 Ye Jian appeared soft-hearted when it came to him and Grandpa Gen. However, she needed to understand that this was training. There was no room for discussion.

 Ye Jian’s heart pumped loudly as she endured the intent gaze. She nodded and said with a serious face, “I understand.”

 She knew that she made a mistake so she kept her mouth shut. However, she told herself that she must take care of Principal Chen during these three months.

 Ye Jian and Principal Chen entered the forest with their waterproof backpacks on February 8th.

 They walked through the dense forest carefully. They used their military equipment to cut through the plants. This was a path that no one has walked on before.

 When they met a cliff, they would prepare their climbing ropes and climb with much effort.


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