Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 3247: Fallen

Chapter 3247: Fallen

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As a shrewd businessman, he immediately took advantage of the situation and asked, “Which hotel are you staying at tonight? Is someone picking you up? My chauffeur is already waiting for me outside. If you don’t mind, I’ll be happy to send you back to the hotel.”

The young woman’s exuberant vitality and the fragrance of flowers on her body made the middle-aged man in the jewelry business reveal an undisguised lust in his eyes.

From his chubby face, it could be seen that he was not just lustful toward Sun Ying. He had more intentions.

Sun Ying, who had been around all kinds of men in the Red Pavilion, could tell. If it wasn’t for the fact that she unintentionally knew that her boss needed to find a jeweler to work with, she wouldn’t have cared about such a fat pig.

She smiled reservedly and replied, “Mr. Xu, you’re so polite that I can’t bear to reject you.”

As long as it could be of use to her, it was worth keeping. She could make use of it… This was what she learned on the first day she entered that bloody and dark underground world.

The reason why she was defeated by Ye Jian was because she was too arrogant in the past. She was completely isolated and was easily defeated by Ye Jian.

Now that she was back, Ye Jian would die!

A sharp look flashed past Sun Ying’s eyes as she walked out of the airport with Boss Xu, who was in the jewelry business.

She was the only one in the country. The boss who sent her overseas naturally wouldn’t send anyone to fetch her. Now that someone was offering to drop her off, why not?

As the Spring Festival approached, the airport was filled with people. Countless people were squeezed together. Some people raised their cards high so that the guests they were waiting for could see them.

Sun Ying glanced at the people who were here to pick up others. Their tastes were different, and their auras were different. Her eyes flickered with a cold light. These people were living more comfortably than her!

“Miss Sun, we’ll take this exit.” In order to be more attentive, Boss Xu didn’t ask the chauffeur to come over. Instead, he personally acted as the escort and walked all the way to his black Benz.

Sun Ying looked at the logo of the car and revealed a disdainful smile. When Boss Xu handed their luggage to the chauffeur, she changed her expression and smiled. “It looks like you’re indeed in the jewelry business. This Mercedes-Benz is worth at least a million yuan, right?”

“Hahaha, it looks like you love cars too. If you really like it, I’ll bring you to the shop to choose one for yourself another day. How about that?”

Boss Xu had already arrived in front of his car. He expressed his intention directly.

Sun Ying smiled. Her watery eyes moved around. This action seemed to contain a deeper meaning. She glanced at the other party and bent down to get into the car.

In the distance, a luxury foreign car that was a few levels higher than the Benz was parked. A driver wearing white gloves was loading the luggage. A young and beautiful woman looked at the Benz in front of her and sneered in disdain.

“Her life isn’t bad. Unfortunately, she’s only selling her body.” Du Jiayi, who had also returned to the country but was on a different flight, retracted her gaze coldly. “It’s good enough that she can lead this kind of life.”

Du Jiayi would not pay attention to a small character that she had stepped on previously. If she had not met her by chance, she would have forgotten that there was such a person..

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