Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 3113

3113 The Power Of A Model

In the bedroom, the old master’s voice was a little slow. After all, he was old. His voice wasn’t as deep and powerful as when he was young. Back then, it was like a bell in an ancient temple, filled with the aura of time.

“There wasn’t much funds allocated, let alone a good environment. Dozens of people didn’t even know which air-raid shelter they were in. They worked day and night. Some endured until their stomachs bled, some endured until they were 40, 50, or 60 years old, and some died young. They fell at work and never got back up.

“But no one was afraid. No one was afraid. When someone fell, we continued to stand up and work hard to complete our fallen colleague’s last wish. At that time, we were filled with motivation. We just wanted to do something big that would shock the entire world.

“After that, we succeeded. With the first missile, there was a second missile, a third missile, and a fourth missile. Until now… Who still dares to say that our country doesn’t even have the ability to develop missiles ourselves? Who still dares to say that our country depends on imports?”

During the seven days of the National Day holiday, Ye Jian listened to the old man talk about the past. He talked about the many things the older generation had encountered. The old man’s memories were filled with all kinds of emotions.

The more she interacted with the old man, the more Ye Jian felt that her personality had become more mellow. She slowly restrained her emotions that occasionally revealed themselves and became calmer when dealing with other people.

She didn’t have the viciousness that she brought back in her previous life. Instead, she had a calmness that was mixed with all kinds of emotions. Only other people could notice the subtle changes.

Before she left, the old man couldn’t send her off personally. He reminded Ye Jian to take care of herself when she was in school. He was concerned about her life and studies. He was afraid that Ye Jian would suffer.

Ye Jian listened to his reminders one by one and carefully reminded the old man to take good care of his body. After leaving this time, she might not be able to come back to visit her grandpa during winter vacation.

After returning to school, Ye Jian lived the school life that a military school student should. There were no urgent missions or additional training. Her rhythm was completely in line with the school’s. Dormitory, training ground, classroom, laboratory… It was like this almost every day.

When she was in her second year, the intensity of the training was obviously greater than in her first year. The difficulty was also much higher. To Ye Jian, these training sessions were all elementary training. In addition to persevering every day, Ye Jian had to train harder for herself. She was afraid that she would be too far behind her comrades from the Xueyu unit. She didn’t dare to relax at all.

In November, after confirming that there were no problems, Ye Jian returned to the dormitory and told Xu Wen that she would wake up half an hour early for training every morning in the future. She asked Xu Wen if she could do it.

Xu Wen was washing clothes. When she heard that, she smiled indifferently and said, “Of course. I was given a military order. I have to learn from you. I can’t let my physical fitness results drop.”

Ever since the freshman exercise last time, Xu Wen had really changed her ways and stopped fooling around. It was as if she had changed. She trained fiercely every day. Her ruthlessness made He Jing want to persuade her to be more relaxed and not work so hard.

During the test at the end of October, her physical fitness results improved to the point where the entire class looked at her in a different light.

Now, she had developed the habit of training with Ye Jian. In addition, under the influence of Ye Jian’s self-discipline, Xu Wen’s bad habits had dwindled. She became strict and self-disciplined. In the words of the brigade commander during the exercise, “This is the power of a role model.”

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