Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2959

2959 Regional King

“Our female soldier is amazing! I really want to give her a warm hug now!” G3 smiled deeply. His joy was obvious.

“Can she be conferred the title of Gun Queen? I really think that she can be given that title! She’s amazing! I’ve hit metal targets before, but they were all fixed targets. I haven’t even tried this kind of floating target. Captain, when we go back, we should start training on the floating metal targets.” T6 admired Ye Jian.

Queen… She had already taken the first step. There was no hurry. It was not the six years that he and Ye Jian had agreed on yet.

That was what Xia Jinyuan thought.

Sparrowhawk was already tempted. Azure Bird would definitely go to the Xueyu unit in the future. Which team would she join?

The Xueyu unit was divided into two teams. The sneak attack team with a Chinese codename and the assault team with a letter codename… Shouldn’t Azure Bird be in the sneak attack team?

If that was the case… Sparrowhawk couldn’t help but rub his hands.

After the competition ended, he wanted to have a heart-to-heart chat with the captain and test the waters.

While the Chinese team members were happy about the victory of their target, the adjudicator regiment was already in an uproar.

When the results of the Chinese team were sent out, the referee and the military officer, who had been staring at China’s results, were stunned for at least a minute. Then, they looked at each other in shock.

“China has completed the sniping of the metal ring target. The bullet has successfully passed through the metal ring. Points…”

Perhaps it was too unexpected, or perhaps it had never occurred to them that China would be the first to take down the most difficult floating metal ring target. When the referee in charge of China’s results spoke, his voice was a little floaty.

It was… unbelievable!

It was too unexpected!

It was too unexpected!

It turned out that the Chinese team was the first to complete the floating metal ring target!

Soon, the data was displayed on the screen in front of the generals. The Chinese team’s sniping score was on the screen.

It suddenly changed, and China became first place in the sniping competition.

The generals of the observation team held their breaths. The commander-in-chief of the Estonian National Defense asked the regiment, “What’s the third target?”

“China’s third target is the metal ring target. The Chinese female soldier, Ye.8, completed it.”

When the referee’s reply was heard, the generals of the observation team gasped. It was very obvious that all the generals could hear the cold air around them.

“China completed the most difficult target in the first sniping zone. The female soldier that shocked us completed the target shooting. Generals, the female soldier sent by China has greater shooting skills than the male soldiers.” The commander-in-chief of Estonia said in a low voice, “I think no one has the right to doubt China’s strength anymore. Their female soldier used her strength to prove a miracle and shocked us again and again. This is China’s strength. There’s nothing to suspect.

“The Chinese participants didn’t rely on luck to raise their ranking step by step. Every soldier used their strength to fight for the glory of their country.”

As the commander-in-chief of the Estonian National Defense spoke, he glanced at Senior Colonel Amitabh, whose face had turned red. Senior Colonel Amitabh, who had wanted to say ‘that’s impossible’ after seeing China’s results, was so angry that he could only be angry with himself.

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