Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 29 - Let Me Tell You Slowly

Chapter 29: Let Me Tell You Slowly

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“Absolutely impossible,” as Ye Jian smiled, her eyes looked extraordinarily bright, and her facial features seemed elegant and glamorous. “I can tell you where I was and what I did every day since the new school term began.”

Oh! She was showing off her capabilities!

Sun Dongqing couldn’t stand her anymore. She sneered. Abruptly, she rushed towards Ye Jian and screamed, “Damn it, you wicked girl, you are not going to admit your mistakes, aren’t you?!” She waved her hand, trying to slap Ye Jian in the face. This was her habit. As soon as she was upset, she would forget to conceal her hatred against Ye Jian.

Bang! Previously a soldier, Principle Chen reacted swiftly by pressing his palm onto the desk. He yelled sternly, “Stop it! You…” His voice was overwhelmed by the noise of his chair being dragged. He stood up and walked from behind the desk.

“Aunt, do you want me to confess to false charges under torture?” Hands on the back of a chair, Ye Jian pulled the chair towards her as a shield to block Sun Dongqing from slapping her. She laughed scornfully, “Impressive. I dare you to beat me up in front of the principal.”

Principal Chen waved at Ye Jian, indicating for her to walk to his side. Then, he said to the quiet Ye Zhifan, “So this is how you are going to educate her. What an eye-opening experience for me.”

Ye Zhifan had acquiesced in his wife’s behaviors by not deterring her from hitting Ye Jian.

However, not only did Ye Jian dodge a bullet, she had become increasingly outrageous.

It was time for him to come up with another scheme.

Ye Zhifan glared at Ye Jian in silence. With a smile on his face, he said to Principal Chen apologetically, “Sorry about that. My wife is a bit impatient. Dongqing, sit down, let’s hear our niece’s explanations.”

“I’ll skip that. Explanations are futile. I’d better let witnesses testify for me,” ignoring Ye Zhifan’s warning glare, Ye Jian said with a subtle smile. “I believe I’m going to take up a lot of your time, Principal Chen.”

Interesting. Principal Chen was intrigued as Ye Jian told him that she could name whatever had happened to her on a random date.

A person could roughly remember what happened in a week. It was normal for people to remember clearly things that had occurred in the past three days.

But it was remarkable for people to remember things that had happened within a month.

Such people would be underrated if they were described only as persons with outstanding memory!

Humiliated by her student, Mrs. Ke sat down and sneered, “You have always been the worst student in my class. And never have you passed a single exam. What gave you the confidence to brag in front of our principal?”

“Ye Jian, are you sure you want to do this?” Principal Chen looked at the calm girl beside him with a smile on his stern face.

“Everything I said was true. Principal, go ahead, ” Ye Jian nodded and smiled. She saluted to Principal Chen by clasping her hands in front of her, making Principal Chen burst into laughter.

“Interesting. So, I’m going to draw a date now.” Principal Chen looked more serious after he finished laughing. “Ye Jian, this will be bad for you if you fail the test. You need to think it through.”

Principal Chen believed in her.

He trusted this girl who had a pair of clear eyes. Facing accusations, she was still calm. He believed that she was innocent.

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