Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 286 - : Please Hold Yourself Back, Major Xia

Chapter 286: Please Hold Yourself Back, Major Xia

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Three people to subdue me? Pfft! Ye Jian glared at him. This person doesn’t know how to talk too. She wanted to take some tape and gag these two people up.

Well, what she felt was true. J5 and Han Zheng were irritating when they spoke. This was why when these two people started talking, the rest of the soldiers in their team would move as far away from them as possible.

Han Zheng released his grip and started watching the area with K7. When she heard Ye Jian whispering to Xia Jinyuan and asking him if he was in pain, he felt frustrated. “Little girl, why are you worried about him? Shouldn’t you worry about yourself?”

Damn it, why was he jealous? No one had shown him any concern for more than a year.

No matter how good these two people were at talking, they were no match for Xia Jinyuan. He was a thick-skinned person, especially in front of Ye Jian. He didn’t get up. Instead, he rubbed his hand that touched Ye Jian’s mouth just now and smiled gently. “Why? Are you jealous? Keep your thoughts to yourself. My Little Fox’s claws have not retracted. I’m afraid that if I let go, she will bite someone.”

“I have been bitten by her before.”

Bitten by her before? Even the composed G3 couldn’t help but blink. It should be more than a year ago. What a beast! This little girl was even younger one year ago!

At first, Ye Jian had no other thoughts. She had not seen this elegant and dangerous man for more than a year. To her, he was like a stranger now.

Also, he came on top of her because he wanted to stop her. She wouldn’t have any other thoughts about his actions.

However, now, Ye Jian couldn’t help but blush. Before she could calm down, his finger touched her face. Ye Jian felt her mind turning blank. She felt so awkward under the gazes of so many other people, she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

Xia Jinyuan, other people might not be able to see your small actions but I can!

She was afraid that other people might misunderstand them so she struggled and said, “If you are not hurt, get up. Didn’t you hear what they said?”

She moved her body. Xia Jinyuan gripped Ye Jian’s legs with his leg and pretended that he didn’t hear what she said. He smiled and said, “Little Fox, stop moving.”

He said to Han Zheng and J5 who were the closest to him, “This is not your Little Fox, she’s mine. You can just call her by her name. Be more polite to her. Don’t make it sound as though you are very close to her. She is only familiar to me. Do you understand?”

Ye Jian felt her face getting warmer. She glared at him and gritted her teeth. “Hurry up and get up! You are so heavy!” What does he mean by his Little Fox? When did I become a fox? “Hurry up! Everyone is looking at us!”

If he didn’t get up now, his Little Fox would get angry. How sad. He missed her for the past one year. This sudden meeting brightened up his mood.

Unfortunately, he could tell that his Little Fox didn’t miss him.

Major Xia used his slow actions to show how unwilling he was to get up.

Even the cold K7 looked at him with interest.

Tsk tsk tsk. When Xia Jinyuan decided to be irritating, even he felt like kicking him.

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