Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2731

2731 Amazing

Ye Jian didn’t take more than a minute to make her choice. She climbed up the tree and used her engineering shovel to cut the branches to cover the black bear. Then, she cleaned up her surroundings and immediately left for the place where the team had trained.

She had initially planned to go there. However, she changed her direction and ran to this side.

How could they meet in the vast mountains? The best way was to go to the place where the two of them had stayed together.

As for following the footprints… She wasn’t sure if the rain had washed her footprints and the black bear’s paw prints clean.

To be safe, she chose the place that turned out to be the best.


Now that she had made her decision, her goal was clear. Ye Jian strode toward her target.

About an hour later, Li Jinnian and the special forces soldiers in his team moved the branches that covered the black bear away. Everyone looked at the huge creature in front of them and gasped.

“This… is the first time I’ve seen it.” Big Eel nudged the black bear with the tip of his toes. “If I was the one who encountered it, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it in a short time.”

“It’s not just you; it’s the same for me. It’s a huge monster. We set up sonar during our deep sea training to prevent sharks and whales from entering by mistake. Nothing you put in this mountain can stop the big guys on this mountain from intruding.”

Another water ghost from the Storm Commando team spoke in surprise.

Li Jinnian didn’t look at his comrades. Instead, he said calmly, “Check the black bear’s body and see if there are any injuries.”

If there were several blank cartridges on its body, it meant that Azure Bird and the black bear had a fierce battle. If there was only one or two, it was the other way around.

Li Jinnian checked the black bear’s head directly. When he took the branch away, he saw dried bloodstains around the black bear’s head.

Soon, they realized that there were no other injuries on black bear’s body other than the wounds on his head. Everyone looked at each other and saw the same meaning in each other’s eyes.

‘Impressive, Azure Bird!’

“Contact the forest armed police and transport the black bear out.” Li Jinnian felt relieved. Besides its head, there were no other wounds on the black bear. This showed that his cousin didn’t have a fierce battle with the black bear last night.

She took care of the black bear with blank cartridges from a distance of three to four meters.

The direction of the bullet was high and low. That meant that she made the shots while up on a tree.

The forest armed police already knew that the soldiers training in the mountains didn’t encounter any mountain collapses. Besides getting wet, there were no other problems.

At this moment, when they received a satellite call saying that a black bear was killed by a lone comrade, the armed police officer’s back stiffened.

“Last night, the mountains collapsed. The people in the mountains are all intelligent, but black bears are hot-tempered big fellows. It was shocked and happened to meet a lone soldier. That’s why it was killed.”

Regimental Commander Ding walked into the office with half a steamed bun in his hand. He was still eating breakfast when a soldier came to report the situation. He didn’t finish his breakfast and left with a steamed bun.

He said to the squad leaders who went to transport the black bear, “Don’t ask why, and don’t get off the helicopter either. Put down the ropes and let them tie the black bear up. You just need to pull it up and leave. Don’t talk nonsense.”

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