Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2728

2728 Nothing Will Happen

Since Demon King Li had nodded, the other water ghosts chose to believe Captain Xia too.

Then, Xia Jinyuan divided the search area. “What I’m most worried about now is whether Azure Bird got injured when she lured the black bear away, especially her legs. If her legs were injured, she would’ve chosen to close in and kill the black bear with blank cartridges. Hence, this is our main search route. Sparrowhawk…”


Sparrowhawk, who was a scout, replied. Xia Jinyuan looked up at him. “You’re in charge of searching for details. Take note of the footprints…”



After receiving his comrade’s reply, Xia Jinyuan said to everyone, “Look to see if there are any broken branches and traces of branches being trampled on. There’s one more thing I need to mention. Azure Bird lured the black bear away at night, which means that she might take a detour. Although the forest is dense, it’ll delay our time if she had taken a detour.

“Let’s find Azure Bird’s footsteps first. If she was running in the direction I deduced, everyone can continue moving forward together. If we split up…”

Xia Jinyuan paused for a moment and turned to Li Jinnian. “You’re in charge of tracking Ye Jian’s footprints. I’ll bring a team to deduce the location.”

It was a safe method. Li Jinnian nodded and agreed.

The detailed arrangements had been completed. All that was left was to wait for the sun to rise.

The camp needed to be cleaned up. The camouflage uniform that was temporarily used to block the rain was taken down from the branches. The waterproof mat was kept properly. Then, they cleaned up all the traces left in the vicinity. All the team members did their work orderly and waited for the sun to rise.

Every minute and every second of waiting for dawn was tormenting. After tidying up, they didn’t sleep. Instead, they sat on the wet ground with their backs against each other and closed their eyes to rest.

The rain had stopped and the sky was still dark. They could take a short break before setting off.

At 4:50 am in the morning, light finally appeared at the end of the horizon. The faint morning light enveloped the entire land.

“Let’s go!”

As Xia Jinyuan’s cold voice sounded, everyone packed up and set off. They went to the area Xia Jinyuan had planned to look for Ye Jian. However, they still hadn’t reestablished contact with her.

Although the rain in the mountains had stopped, there was another ‘heavy rain’ when they passed through the rain-soaked leaves.

To the special forces soldiers walking in the forest, they were wet anyway, so it was not a problem for them to get drenched.

The search area was a little big, and everyone was looking for footprints. Once they discovered that the soil was sparse, they would retreat immediately. Hence, they were especially careful with every step to prevent any accidents.

“There are no footprints. Azure Bird didn’t walk in this area.”

“I didn’t find any!”

“There’s none!”

They didn’t ignore the route that led to their camping ground. They were afraid that Azure Bird would turn around and look for them. As they walked, they observed if there were any footprints. It wasn’t wrong to search carefully.

“Continue walking down!”

Li Jinnian, who was walking in front, raised his voice. His cold voice reached everyone’s ears, refreshing them.

They would continue their journey immediately. There was no need to waste time.

Xia Jinyuan looked at the sky that had already lit up, but the darkness in his black eyes seemed to have taken in the darkness of the night. It was so dark that his eyes seemed to have lost their luster. They were filled with endless darkness that made people’s hearts pound.

“Azure Bird will be fine. Don’t worry.” G3, who was walking beside him, whispered, “Although Azure Bird is a female soldier, she’s quite cautious. She knows when to be ruthless.”

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