Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 269 - Do You Know Major Xia’s Thoughts

Chapter 269: Do You Know Major Xia’s Thoughts

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… Did he go there specially?

Ye Jian pursed her lips unnaturally and moved her body. “I was in a rush to go back. I didn’t have the time to wait for two more days.” Sigh, shall I write a letter? This is a problem.

She felt a little guilty. He came to find her specially but she left him in the lurch. It was not right of her.

The awkwardness on her face didn’t escape Han Zheng’s eyes. He studied psychology so he could guess what a person was thinking just from their facial expressions.

She felt awkward when he mentioned Major Xia and felt guilty after knowing the truth. However… there were no other feelings in her expression. As compared to the disappointed expression Major Xia gave when he knew that she didn’t come… Tsk tsk, he looked like a dejected husband.

Han Zheng was not familiar with the province city. When he saw a nicely furnished Cantonese restaurant after driving for 5 km, he parked his car and got off.

They found a seat next to the window. After ordering their food, Han Zheng placed his hand on the back of the seat. He sized up the lady in front of him carefully. She had retracted her emotions very quickly.

Ye Jian drank some water calmly and let him look at her.

Han Zheng was not a handsome person. However, his eyes were bright and gentle. When he looked at you, you would see a loving and deep gaze. It was as though you were the person he loved the most.

When this loving and gentle gaze becomes serious and sharp, you will only feel the cold aura of a soldier even if he was smiling.

“Student Ye Jian, it’s obvious that you have no feelings towards Major Xia. Of course, I can’t blame you. You are still young. However, Major Xia… How should I put it? He is not in love with you yet but his feelings for you have exceeded the boundaries of just pure admiration. Hence…”

Ye Jian interrupted him naturally. She smiled and said, “Hence, I should thank Major Xia for his admiration and give him a reply. Major Xia is the dream of all the ladies in the capital city. I’m just a little girl that comes from a village. I have no background, talent, or looks. I should thank him for liking me.”

“I must be tactful and sensible. If not, I will let Major Xia down.”

Ye Jian finished her sentence quickly without a single pause. When she saw the slightly stunned expression on Han Zheng’s face, she took a sip of water and added, “It looks like Mr. Han is trying to stand up for your friend. I wonder if Master Xia knows about this.”

Haha! This lady is good at talking!

Who says that young people don’t know anything? Look at what she said. She knows everything.

He had this intention too. However, he didn’t intend to speak so incisively. Also, why did he feel that she sounded sarcastic? She seemed to be jeering at him.

It looks like he got misunderstood.

He didn’t mind if other people misunderstood him but Ye Jian couldn’t. Han Zheng seldom explained himself but he did this time. “Young lady, don’t be sensitive. For a family like the Xia family, your background is not a problem.”

“As for what you said about having no talent and looks…” Han Zheng blinked. He said playfully, “You are quite beautiful. It’s just that you have not grown up yet. As for talent, I have nothing much to say. If Major Xia admires you, you will not be too bad.”

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