Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2589

2589 Fight

Ye Jian’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the two of them entering through the vent. She asked Z7 in a low voice, “Have you hacked into the surveillance cameras? Did you notice anything amiss?”

Z7 had already hacked into the auction house’s surveillance system once, so it was much easier for him to do it again. He replied in a low voice, “I just entered. I can see the situation inside the auction house clearly.”

Z7’s fingers were typing furiously on the keyboard. He told the two people who entered the auction house where to go.

The lights in the auction house were extremely dim. In a place where electricity was not guaranteed, it had become a luxury.


Andiken Auction House didn’t have many lights on because they relied on diesel to maintain the power of every auction. With the help of the dim lights, Xia Jinyuan and K7 took out their military daggers and quietly approached the two armed guards at the entrance. Almost at the same time, the two guards at the outermost edge were killed by Xia Jinyuan.

The two soldiers made a hand gesture, and each of them dragged a guard over and placed the body under the seats.

Z7 used the communication device to tell the two soldiers the direction to the basement. A total of four people were sitting against the wall, and they looked like they were asleep.

Xia Jinyuan pointed at an electric controller, squatted, and patted his shoulder. K7 understood what he meant and stepped on Xia Jinyuan’s knee. Then, he stepped on Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder agilely and cut off the two wires on the electric controller.

Suddenly, the only four lights that were on in the auction area were switched off.

“Someone is coming out of the tunnel. Hide!” Z7 reminded them in a tense voice. The lights in the auction house were off, but the lights in the tunnel were still on. Through the surveillance cameras, he could see two armed men walking over.

Xia Jinyuan and G3 moved quickly and guarded the left and right sides of the exit. As they listened to the approaching footsteps, the two of them counted in their hearts. One, two, three… Action!

Two gangsters walked past them. The two soldiers, who were used to assassinating, immediately attacked. They locked the gangsters’ necks with their elbows and twisted them forcefully… The crisp sound of bones dislocating could be heard in the darkness. The two people holding guns had already been killed.

They continued to drag their targets to the seats. The two of them crossed paths and slowly walked into the passageway.

There were a total of four targets in the tunnel. Two of them had just been killed, and two more were yawning as they walked deeper into the tunnel.

Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and made a chopping gesture. He and K7 took out their daggers and leaned against the wall, quickly approaching the two of them.

“Who is it?” The black men patrolling in front felt that something was wrong. The two of them raised their guns and turned around. They had only begun to shout when Xia Jinyuan and K7 had already let go of their daggers after aiming at their foreheads.

There was a reason for the existence of cold weapons. No matter how the times changed, cold weapons would always play a huge role at close range.

The two daggers were like arrows that were released from a bow. They cut the air and stabbed into the space between the men’s eyebrows. The sharp daggers stabbed into their skulls, and blood slowly flowed out.

The tip of the daggers was stabbed into their skulls, but that didn’t kill the two patrolling guards on the spot. They were shocked, and their eyes widened while cross-eyed as they stared at the daggers that were stabbed into their glabellum…

Xia Jinyuan and K7, who had bought time for themselves, had already rushed in front. Knocking the guards down, locking their necks, and killing them… It really happened in an instant.

When they reached the double-doored elevator, the two of them didn’t have to assassinate anyone anymore. Instead, they used their silencer pistols to shoot at the fastest speed possible.

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