Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2587

2587 Act Cautiously

In the room, Xia Jinyuan’s indifferent and cold voice was low. There was even a hint of killing intent in it. “The receptionist, the hotel attendant, the manager who appeared at the rioting place… They speak fluent English and cater to tourists from all over the world. Not to forget, those international rescuers need the hotel to escort them to the place they need to go later. I have to say that this hotel has extraordinary abilities in Mogadishu.”

“The waitress carries around a gun, and the calluses on her right hand are thicker than ours. It can be seen that she’s fired many shots, more than us.”

“You mean… there’s a huge problem with this hotel?” G3 frowned. “If that’s the case, when do we plan to check out?”

“There’s a problem with the hotel, but we can’t find anything. There’s no need to investigate it… The major general only wanted us to focus on rescuing the four scientists. We don’t have to get involved in the matters of Masoli.” Xia Jinyuan paused for a moment. He stood up and pulled open the curtain to look outside.


The sun outside was so hot it could roast people like meat. It was so bright that people couldn’t even open their eyes. There were no pedestrians walking on the streets. Even though this was a safe area, no one was walking in the vicinity.

The illegal militants and the government had already started fighting. Everyone wanted to occupy the city, and neither side wanted the other to occupy the entire city. The thick smoke caused by the explosion of the artillery seemed to want to devour the entire city, emitting suffocating despair.

The direction where Andiken Auction House was was relatively quiet. The next step was to drive directly there.

Xia Jinyuan put down the curtain and sat back in his original seat. “Let’s put the hotel’s problem aside for now. Who are they and what are their motives? As long as they don’t implicate us, there’s no need to care about them.

“The surface temperature outside is conservatively estimated to be 39 degrees Celsius. Both sides have been fighting for a few hours. It’s time to rest. But first, take out the camera equipment and study it. Then, have a good rest. We’ll start work at 3 pm sharp.”

There were advantages and disadvantages to fighting in a city with constant internal strife. The advantage was that even if they drove a car with a heavy machine gun, others would turn a blind eye to it.

The disadvantage was that everyone had guns in their hands. They didn’t know if someone would shoot at them secretly.

At 3 pm, Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian put on domineering attitudes and ignored the advice of the handsome young man at the front desk. They grabbed their so-called camera equipment and headed toward the combat area.

“They really went to the place where the conflict happened.” The security guard of the hotel stood at the side of the street and held the walkie-talkie in his hand. He looked at the four jeeps that were rushing toward the direction of the firefight and reported the situation to the front desk. “Should I follow them?”

The handsome young man thought for a moment and shook his head in the end. “No need. There are no weapons in their cars, and the scanner at the entrance shows that it’s indeed camera equipment… You don’t have to follow them.”

The black security guard strode back to the hotel.

In the car, Ye Jian sat up straight. She stopped turning her head to look at the back of the car. “He went back to the hotel. He didn’t follow us.”

Even if he really wanted to follow them, they didn’t have to be afraid. At most, they would just drive to the crossfire and record the scene. Since they weren’t being followed, Xia Jinyuan turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator. He headed toward Andiken Auction House.

One and a half hours later, at 4.36 pm, they arrived at the lobby of Kenmen. The four vehicles ran over a pile of ruins and rushed into a building that was half-destroyed by artillery shells.

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