Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2573

2573 Uneasy

Z7, who was sweating profusely, crawled out of the basement and looked at the living room as well as the fan that was placed in a corner of the living room. It wasn’t running. He asked his comrades, “Is there no more diesel? Where does Lin Feng usually get his diesel from? Where’s the underground pipeline? Should we pump up a few barrels?”

Ye Jian was the first to react. Z7 was so hot that his clothes were wet. She was the first to realize that he was back.

She hurriedly got up and found the utility room where the diesel generator was placed. It was a machine dyed with black diesel oil. On it was an aluminum plate with the words ‘Dongfeng Machinery Factory’ printed on it. It was even painted with red paint.

After observing, Ye Jian picked up a ‘Z’-shaped lever that was placed on the ground and attached it to the diesel generator. She started cranking it.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The diesel generator started running happily. Outside, the lights in the living room were turned on. The fan started spinning, bringing a cool breeze to the living room.

Z7 knew that it wasn’t because they ran out of diesel. It was because his comrades had forgotten about the diesel generator. He nearly suffocated from the heat.

“I almost got carbon dioxide poisoning down in the basement. It’s so hot and stuffy. I was only a few seconds away from passing out.”

Z7 turned off the lights in the living room and said politely to the four scientists, “Let’s save some electricity. I’ll see if I can contact the people in China directly.”

He could at least send some news back and let the country know that they were arranging for four scientists to return to their country.

Mr. Fu looked at this group of young people. Although they were young, his daughter looked even younger when she stood with them. His heart couldn’t help but ache. She must have suffered a lot after entering such a special forces unit.

When other people’s children suffered or got injured, they could still whine about it to their parents. Who could his daughter go to to whine about her sufferings?

If it wasn’t for Jinnian, he wouldn’t have been able to meet his daughter.

Mr. Fu’s heart ached, but he didn’t interrupt Ye Jian’s vigilance. He lay quietly on the camphor-scented blanket and sighed softly.

The other three scientists beside him had already closed their eyes to rest. They were too tired and tense. Besides, there was a group of special Forces soldiers guarding them. They hadn’t slept for almost three nights, so they fell asleep immediately.

Mr. Fu gradually fell asleep too. After that sigh, a small smile appeared on his face.

He didn’t raise his daughter, and he didn’t teach her how to walk. He didn’t teach her how to read and write… These were all regrets that he couldn’t make up for in his entire life. In that case, he would definitely accompany his daughter well and try his best to make up for the fatherly love that his daughter had lost for more than 20 years.

Also, his wife would definitely tell him that since they had missed more than 20 years of living together, they would spend the rest of their lives together.

What if… What if…

Mr. Fu didn’t dare to think about the future, and he didn’t want to think about it either. No matter what, he only had one wife in his heart. It didn’t matter if his wife married someone else or not. His wife was only Red Plum.

If… Red Plum had remarried, he wouldn’t hate her.

In that era, giving birth to a child out of wedlock was something that would invite curses and criticisms. He was already very satisfied that Red Plum was able to bear the pressure and give birth to their daughter.

If she had really remarried… Well, he would ask his daughter about it in detail after they returned to the country. There were too many things he didn’t have the time to ask her. It wasn’t suitable for him to ask now. He would wait until they returned to the country.

If his wife, Red Plum, had really remarried, it must be because she had no choice. She was forced to choose to remarry. It was because of that era and their daughter that she remarried.

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