Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2556

2556 Dangerous Speed

“It’s the guys from the warehouse. They kidnapped the Chinese! Hurry, hurry! Charge out and chase them!”

For a moment, Lardner’s residence was in a mess. A few jeeps rushed out of the basement and chased after the cars outside.

The firefight outside was quite intense. The two Bonant Guards rushed out and blocked some of the firepower. It was quite fierce. They stepped on the accelerator and started the engine at its highest speed. Bang! The front of the car sent a metal door flying and opened a path for the three cars behind it.

The first car had already rushed into the crossfire between the two sides. After rushing for less than 30 meters, the driver of the car was hit in the head by a bullet. Before he could make a sound, he fell on the steering wheel with his eyes wide open.


His foot was still on the accelerator, but he lost control of the steering wheel, which started to spin frantically. The car that was supposed to turn left lost control and rushed out.

In the end, it rushed to the other side of the ruins and stopped. The driver’s foot was still stepping on the accelerator too hard, and the broken wall of the ruins was knocked over by the front of the car.

The second car that rushed out was also attacked by the firepower. The pirate driving the car braked abruptly and twisted the steering wheel violently, trying to turn left to avoid the siege outside.

Xia Jinyuan, who was in the third car, didn’t give him a chance. When the car turned sideways, the rifle in his hand aimed at the front tire and he fired the first bullet. The car in front lost control, and the entire car lost its direction and twisted crazily. It was uncertain where it would rush to.

Xia Jinyuan had already fired his second bullet. This time, he hit the fuel tank of the car that had rushed out a few meters.

The car turned into a huge explosion. The sound was no different from the explosion of a cannonball. Flames shot into the sky, and smoke billowed. It instantly filled the air.

V8 drove the car in an S-line, like a rattlesnake slithering in the desert. Boom, boom, boom! The sound of the engine was so loud that it seemed as if the front cover was going to bounce up.

He had already stepped on the accelerator until it was almost close to the bottom of the car. If he stepped on it more, V8 wondered if he would break it.

The car shook violently, almost throwing out the people seated inside. Throughout the entire process, Ye Jian used her legs to remain seated in the passenger seat. She used the back of her legs to hook her body tightly so that she could stabilize her body as much as possible.

The rifle in Ye Jian’s hand had always been suppressing the oncoming bullets. She couldn’t let the muzzle of the rifle move away from the frame. She had to continue firing bullets in her position.

A grenade exploded from the firing point in front. Pigeon’s support team had started suppressing the other party as well.

The two cars had been exposed. Their gunfire would suppress the other party’s artillery to ensure that the two cars could pass.

Z7, who was in the back, noticed the car that was chasing after them. He raised his voice to the highest point. “Chaser! Support team, clear!”

The unknown organization’s firepower was up ahead, and there were soldiers chasing after them. The two cars were sandwiched. Both sides were attacked by firepower.

Fortunately, some of the pirates from the Bonant Guards didn’t understand what was going on. They continued to fire their guns to cover the two cars that went out. Waves of bullets from the heavy machine guns on the high ground shot over.

“Let’s beat them to death. We’ll let this damned group go to hell!” They even roared fiercely.

The entire scene was chaotic. In the end, no one knew who was hitting who. The unknown organization that was surrounding them realized that the car that rushed out was blown up by the car from behind. At that moment, they thought that their people had rushed in to snatch someone.

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