Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2467

2467 Settling The Score

He wouldn’t be as stupid as Sun Dongqing, who wanted Ye Jian to save Sun Ying.


Sun Ying had done so many things. How could Ye Jian forget about her revenge?

Only stupid people would have unrealistic dreams. A truly smart person should use everything to protect their interests.

As for him, he didn’t want to protect his own interests. What he wanted was… for those people outside to suffer!


As Ye Zhifan walked, the iron chain clanged. Clang… Clang… The sound of the iron chain dragging on the ground made people’s hearts pound.

Ye Jian stood up and looked at Ye Zhifan. He walked a few steps and turned around to look at her. As they looked at each other, Ye Jian smiled.

There seemed to be another meaning in that smile. It was clear, indifferent, and a little sharp.

Ye Zhifan suddenly regretted turning around to look at her. He shouldn’t have turned back just now. He should have continued walking forward.

When he turned around, her smile told him that she knew everything…

It was true that he was harmed by the stupid mother and daughter, but the real perpetrator was Ye Jian!

If she hadn’t sent the videotape to Madam Li, this wouldn’t have happened.

The battle between him and Ye Jian… was not over yet!

He didn’t want to let go of the stupid mother and daughter, but Ye Jian… He had never thought of letting her live a good life. Never.

Ye Jian was part of the reason why he ended up like this.

They had been fighting for more than ten years, and they would continue fighting. Reconciliation? Let bygones be bygones… He didn’t believe any of it. Ye Jian wouldn’t forgive him, nor would she let him off.

Whether it was Sun Ying or Sun Dongqing, she would settle everyone who had ever harmed her one by one.

Ye Jian wanted to settle the scores, but Madam Li still wanted to make use of Sun Ying. One wanted to settle the scores, while the other wanted to make use of her. She would let the two of them kick up a fuss. It didn’t matter who won or lost. What was important was that they made a fuss.

Ye Zhifan calculated this in his heart. Compared to Sun Ying, who seemed ruthless on the surface but didn’t act ruthlessly in reality, Ye Jian was better.

However, the bad thing was that Ye Zhifan was a paranoid person. He was worried and even turned around to take a look before he left. With this look… Ye Zhifan knew that things were bad.

He felt a chill in his heart when he saw Ye Jian’s smile.

Seeing the panic on his face, the smile on Ye Jian’s face got deeper.

Ye Zhifan turned his head, but he didn’t retract his gaze immediately. With a calm expression on his face, he said coldly, “You should go and see Sun Ying. She wanted to step on you so much, but in the end, you won. You should go and see her as a victor.

“Isn’t that more interesting?”

More interesting? Hmm, yes it would indeed be interesting. Ye Jian found it interesting when she saw Ye Zhifan panicking!

In her past life, she didn’t have the ability to fight with Ye Zhifan. This life was different.

In this lifetime, she finally saw Ye Zhifan fall. She had been waiting for this outcome!

Everyone in the Ye family had a part in her mother’s death!

Their greed and selfishness caused her parents to die young. She waited for two lifetimes for revenge. Now, she wouldn’t let Ye Zhifan get what he wanted!

So what if Sun Ying got out? Based on Madam Li’s personality, would she let her off easily? No! Even if Sun Ying was released, she wouldn’t have a good life!

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