Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 243 - Major Xia’s Arrangement (6)

Chapter 243: Major Xia’s Arrangement (6)

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Ye Jian stood under the tree. Her smile froze for a moment. Xia Jinyuan was the one who reminded Grandpa Gen about the registered residence.

“When Major Xia comes back, you must thank him. It was lucky that he reminded me. If not, I won’t even think about it.” Grandpa Gen didn’t know that Xia Jinyuan had left Fujun Town and went to a new military unit. He said thoughtfully, “He helped us without asking for anything in return. We must thank him.”

He helped them many times. Grandpa Gen felt bad for not thanking him.

Ye Jian shook her head and smiled. “No need, Grandpa Gen. Major Xia came to Fujun Town for training. After his training ends, he will go to the military unit he is supposed to go to.”

“He will not return to this place anymore. We will need to wait a long time before we can thank him.” She owed him a thank you. If it wasn’t for him, they would not be able to catch Ye Zhifan off his guard and let him sign the document. If Ye Zhifan got ahold of her registered residence just like in her past life, she would lose her identity again. She would not be able to have any freedom.

Her heart pounded as she remembered what was written in the letter Principal Chen gave her: Wait for me.

Wait for him to come back? Wait for him to come back to Fujun Town or wait for their next meeting?

At first, she didn’t think so much. It was just three words. You could think of it simply or complicatedly. To her, Major Xia was a dangerous man. She instinctively wanted to keep her distance from him. Hence, she didn’t think much.

However, Grandpa Gen told her that Xia Jinyuan was the one who allowed her to change her registered residence easily. It could be said that he single-handedly solved this issue.

Then… Ye Jian rubbed her temples. She realized that even with her experience in life, she was unable to understand Xia Jinyuan’s thoughts.

If this issue didn’t happen, the three words would just be a farewell by a friend.

But he helped her. Hence, the three words had an ambiguous meaning now.

She hated this kind of guessing game.

Grandpa Gen turned quiet when he heard this.

After some time, he nodded. “With Major Xia’s capabilities, he shouldn’t stay here. He will have to leave soon. I just didn’t expect him to leave so quickly.”

Xia Jinyuan was sent to the military unit in Fujun Town, which needed to fight against criminals all the time, for two reasons. Firstly, the school sent him here to undergo foundation training. Secondly, Commander Xia wanted to groom his only son.

It had been almost one year since Xia Jinyuan came. Even if he wanted to continue staying here, Commander Xia would not allow him.

Hence, he had to leave. Nothing would change this ending.

Ye Jian smiled when she heard Grandpa Gen sighing. Grandpa Gen seems to respect Xia Jinyuan. “Don’t think that it’s a pity. I’m not bad too. I will not embarrass Principal Chen and you.”

That dangerous and elegant man had left. However, his short appearance left a lasting impression on many people. His appearance also gave her an interesting memory, a memory on that day, that year.

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