Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 237 - Daughter Of A Sacrificed Soldier (5)

Chapter 237: Daughter Of A Sacrificed Soldier (5)

She gritted her teeth and controlled her boiling anger. “We will drag father down if we don’t leave now! Mother, didn’t you see Grandpa Gen’s expression? Let’s hurry up and leave!”

Her heart started aching when she finished her sentence. She grabbed Sun Dongqing’s arm tightly and started panting heavily. Sun Dongqing didn’t have the time to prepare herself. Ye Ying looked as though she would lose her breath at any moment.

If she was acting, it was really good. Sun Dongqing was so frightened she started screaming.

She heard Ye Ying asking her to bring her to the hospital. She looked at Ye Zhifan instinctively. Then, under the stunned looks of the teachers and students, she carried Ye Ying up and rushed to the public health center.

She should… listen to her daughter. Old Ye was a smart person. Nothing would happen to him. She should leave first.

Both of them, Ye Ying and Sun Dongqing, were good at running away from problems. The moment Grandpa Gen appeared, the three of them didn’t dare to make any sound.

“I can ask my driver to send her…” Secretary Wu wanted to chase after them. Grandpa Gen said, “You are Secretary Wu from the City Bureau of Education, right? Please stay behind.”

Principal Chen knew that Secretary Wu didn’t know Grandpa Gen so he introduced Grandpa Gen to him. “Class A Master Sergeant, a highly-respected person in the military.”

Secretary Wu straightened his back.

Ye Zhifan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his daughter bringing his wife away.

It would be a huge embarrassment to him if his wife apologized to Ye Jian in front of all the students and teachers.

That meant that from the start, Ye Zhifan didn’t plan to apologize.

On the first day of school, Town Mayor Ye’s daughter almost committed suicide due to her mother. This news spread like wildfire. Soon, the entire Fujun Town knew this. Even the people at Shuikou Village got wind of this news too.

It couldn’t be helped. Many parents came to send their children since this was the first day of school. Sun Dongqing picked a very good time. The fuss she kicked up was known by everyone in Fujun Town.

To other people, this was an issue they could gossip about. However, to Old Gen, this was a good time to settle one matter.

The matter regarding Ye Jian’s guardian!

Grandpa Gen sat inside Principal Chen’s office. The atmosphere was tense. Even Secretary Wu was serious. He waited attentively for Grandpa Gen to speak.

“By right, Ye Jian should be here. However, since it’s lesson time, we don’t want to interrupt any students.” Old Gen’s words didn’t lighten the mood in the room. Instead, Ye Zhifan’s heart pounded faster.

Ye Zhifan smiled bitterly. “Uncle Gen, my wife did create trouble for Ye Jian today. She’s someone who speaks without thinking. Most of the time, she cares a lot for Ye Jian. After all, Ye Jian is her niece. Why would she…”

“Don’t try to curry my favor. Everyone in the village knows how Sun Dongqing treats Ye Jian. Nothing will change even if you try to cover up the facts.” Grandpa Gen stopped him directly. He didn’t plan to give any chance for this new town mayor. “Even Secretary Wu knows what the relationship is like between Ye Jian and your family. Town Mayor Ye, do you think that there is still a need to explain it?”

Ye Zhifan’s expression froze. He smiled helplessly. “No matter what, Ye Jian is my niece. As her uncle, I won’t treat her badly, right?”

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