Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 225 - What A Loud Slap In The Face (5)

Chapter 225: What A Loud Slap In The Face (5)

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“According to Town Mayor Ye, it’s true. You know that the school doesn’t have the right to ask the student’s parents to show us any proof,” Principal Chen replied in a casual tone. One could tell that he didn’t believe this.

Could this be fake? Why would anyone lie about this? What benefit would they get?

Secretary Wu thought carefully as he looked at Sun Dongqing. She was trying to protect her daughter but in the process, she mocked other students. He blinked before looking away.

It seemed like he had to send a message to the city. Whether the Town Mayor’s daughter had heart disease or not… she should go somewhere else to study. If she went out of town… that would be the best.

No school would accept such troublesome parents. Also, if Ye Ying really had heart disease and something happened… all the students might not be able to attend lessons due to the commotion caused.

Sun Dongqing never expected her actions to almost destroy her daughter’s future.

Ye Ying wanted to pretend that she had a heart attack but An Jiaxin prevented her from doing it. Her shoulders started trembling harder. She replied, “Ask Ye Jian! Why are all of you forcing me?” Then, she lowered her head and refused to speak again.

She bit her lower lips till blood came out. She didn’t dare to face Gao Yiyang’s questioning nor An Jiaxin’s argument.

Ye Jian slowly looked up and said to An Jiaxin, “Young Miss, why are you even more excited than me? Sit down. The things that happened in the past has been settled. This is not the main problem.”

Things were already like this. Did she need to dig up past matters?

No, there was no need. The situation now was enough to embarrass Ye Ying and Sun Dongqing. Of course, Ye Zhifan would lose his face too.

If that was the case, why did she need to add oil to the flame?

Gao Yiyang was not a forceful person. He didn’t pressure Ye Ying for an explanation. Instead, he turned to Sun Dongqing. “Auntie, when you go back, you can ask Ye Ying about what happened when we went to the capital city to study.”

Capital city? What else can Yingying do when they went to the capital city to study?

The problem was, Ye Jian went too. Why didn’t Yingying tell her?

She only knew that her daughter’s results were good so she was selected to go to the capital city. As for the rest, she knew nothing. Hence, she didn’t know that Ye Jian went there too.

Ye Ying never told her parents that Ye Jian’s results were better than hers. Ye Jian was even selected to go overseas for competition.

Sun Dongqing understood her daughter well. After being questioned by Gao Yiyang, she immediately knew that her daughter kept secrets from her.

That means that… I was wrong to say that the wicked girl didn’t come home and play around outside during the summer vacation.

Fine, if I was wrong on that, there are still other matters! This young man is a flirtatious person!

He was in a relationship with Yingying but in a blink of an eye, he got seduced by the stupid girl.

Damn it. Taking care of one and taking care of two is the same. I will not let anyone go today!

Sun Dongqing slammed the table and started reprimanding everyone, “Principal Chen, how are you teaching your students. All of them are so disrespectful towards their elders. How can I bear to let Yingying study at a school like this? Mrs. Ke, you are the teacher of this class. You know what Ye Jian is like! I’m saying the truth!”

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