Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 222 - What A Loud Slap In The Face (2)

Chapter 222: What A Loud Slap In The Face (2)

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Zhang Bin was the PE monitor so he was close to all the PE teachers.

He instantly acknowledged what the principal said and ran out of the classroom.

“Why not I go to your office first?” The secretary saw this and said in a low voice, “This madam has a bad temper. You will need some time.”

Principal Chen smiled and said calmly, “There is no need to evade this. Just pretend that you are listening to a lesson.”

She just threw a tantrum not long ago. This madam didn’t just have a bad temper. She needed to have a good beating!

Did she think that the teachers and students would be afraid of her just because she flared up? Well, he, Chen Dongfeng, was not afraid!

Gao Yiyang was involved in this matter too so he ordered another student sitting beside him. “Go to Class One Grade Nine and ask Gao Yiyang to come. If their teacher asks, tell him that I’m looking for him. Oh, ask him to go to my office and bring the videotape over.”

After settling everything, he gave Ye Jian a wink to tell her that everything was within control. Then, he invited Secretary Wu to the back of the classroom and got a seat for him. It really looked as though he was listening to a lesson.

“Principal Chen asked Fudong to go out. I’m guessing he will call Gao Yiyang to come down.” An Jiaxin gritted her teeth. Her face was green with anger. “Principal Chen has high hopes for you. He will definitely teach her a lesson.”

Zhou Liao, who normally couldn’t be bothered with what happened in the class, whispered to Ye Jian, “Like mother, like daughter. Ye Jian, it’s a miracle that you are still alive now.”

“Ha, wait for it. The show is just starting.” Zhang Na gave a sarcastic smile. She glanced at the nervous Ye Ying and started smiling brighter. She never liked Ye Ying.

Ye Jian knew that Principal Chen would not let things go so easily this time so she smiled gently.

She didn’t expect Sun Dongqing to be so conceited. How did Ye Zhifan put up with her?

When she heard the discussions and her friends speaking up for her, she replied indifferently, “As compared to what happened before, this is nothing. You all can learn some things from her.”

“…I’m going to vomit. Learn from her? Do I look like I want to commit suicide?”

“Stop trying to irritate us. I rather learn from Liao Jian’s father than learn from her.”

Ye Jian remained calm and wore a gentle smile. “You all can learn how to become someone not irritating. Learn to be someone who is likable… that is what she can teach us.”

An Jiaxin turned and gave Ye Jian a quick glance. She sighed. “Ye Jian, you have a strong mentality. I respect you! I’m so furious when I heard what she said but you remained so calm.”

“You even reminded us to not become someone we hate. Classmate Ye, if I become a doctor next time, the first person I will examine is you! Is your brain different from us?”

The more she didn’t care, the angrier Sun Dongqing would be. That way, Sun Dongqing would be the one on the losing end.

Ye Jian was clear about the situation. She saw Gao Yiyang entering the classroom with a videotape. Her smile got deeper.

Tsk tsk tsk. No matter how smart Ye Ying was, she had a conceited mother. What a pity.

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