Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 219 - Who Got Slap In The Face?

Chapter 219: Who Got Slap In The Face?

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“What? Do you still want to be a sinner of the country? You don’t have the ability to let the country remember your crimes yet.” Zhang Na rolled her eyes. She placed her chin on the table dejectedly and said, “my math was never good. What should I do after entering senior high? Ye Jian, you will be going to the experimental high schools in the province. I don’t even know if I can get into the high schools in town.”

There was one more year to the senior high entrance exam. Although everyone looked happy and were joking around, those students with good results were quite stressed.

Ye Jian flicked her forehead. She smiled and said, “You are thinking too much. There is one more year until the senior high school entrance exam. You can just work hard and enter a good high school. Then, you will continue to work hard for the next three years and enter a university!”

“It sounds easy but entering a university… is difficult.” As An Jiaxin moaned about her plight, Mrs. Ke and Ye Ying entered the classroom together. Someone reminded everyone that Mrs. Ke was here so all the students rushed to the nearest table and took a seat. The classroom turned quiet instantly.

Ye Ying’s eyes were sore but she still looked fine. She looked at Ye Jian’s seat coldly. However, she saw a male student sitting there.

She gritted her teeth and retracted her gaze. Then, she walked to the seat below the podium and sat down.

Before the lesson officially started, Mrs. Ke repeated the school rules first.

Then, she started speaking about the students who got poor results last semester. Instinctively, she called, “Ye Jian, stand up!”

Before she could react, her name was called.

Ye Jian stood up calmly with a gentle smile. This natural reaction… seems like the teacher had been thinking much about her.

“You did well this time. Sit down.” Mrs. Ke didn’t expect herself to call Ye Jian too. She unwillingly complimented Ye Jian.

An Jiaxin laughed secretly. It must be hard to become a teacher like Mrs. Ke…

Mrs. Ke knew that Ye Jian won an award at the Science Olympiad but she didn’t want to mention it.

Luckily, Ye Jian didn’t care about these things. She allowed the teacher to continue complimenting Ye Ying. She even asked the students to learn from Ye Ying and not create trouble for her all the time.

Sun Dongqing wanted to rush into the classroom to look for Ye Ying. However, when she heard Mrs. Ke praising her daughter, she stopped outside and waited for a moment.

Principal Chen recognized her as his gaze turned sharp. A cold aura exuded from him.

“This is Class One. In front is Class Two. The middle schools in town do not have experimental classes…” As he spoke, he purposely guided Secretary Wu to Class One.

The Fujun Town Middle School was just a township middle school but the teachers here were only slightly below the standards of the schools in the city. This was because there was a military unit here so the children of these soldiers were sent to the school.

Secretary Wu smiled when he heard this. “You are being too humble. Many top students from our town came out from your school. This year, four students entered a university in China. One of them came from Fujun Town Middle School.”

From the looks of it, two students here had the potential of entering a university in China or abroad.

One of them was Ye Jian. The other was Gao Yiyang.

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