Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 217 - Finishing Something Big Silently

Chapter 217: Finishing Something Big Silently

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At 6 am in the morning, Ye Jian jogged into the school. She was the first student to arrive.

Principal Chen reached earlier than her. He had a letter in his hand. He stood at the gates and waited patiently for Ye Jian to come.

After some time, a figure wearing the spring school uniform jogged over. The dawn light engulfed the figure and she looked like an eagle spreading its wings. The wings were new but she could soar in the sky with it.

Principal Chen took the letter out and looked at it. When Ye Jian was about to reach him, he placed the letter behind his back and waited for her to come.

Ye Jian saw the principal standing at the gate. She hastened her pace. “Why are you so early? Are you here to welcome the new students?”

“Dean Ke is in charge of the new students. I came here to wait for you.” Principal Chen sized up Ye Jian. He had not seen her for a few days. He smiled brightly. “The army treated you well. You grew taller.”

He passed the letter in his hand over. “The sender is Xia Jinyuan. Little girl, did you become a penpal of Major Xia?”

His words were strong and clear. Yet, it was not too overpowering. This person knew when to keep a low profile. This Major Xia… seemed to have a special feeling towards this girl.

Ye Jian was shocked. He even wrote her a letter?

She took over the letter. It was indeed Xia Jinyuan’s handwriting. She didn’t know why he wrote a letter to her.

She wanted to tear open the letter but Principal Chen stopped her. “Look at it later. I have something to tell you. Let’s go to my office.”

The school was quiet. Registration began in the morning. Orientation would start in the afternoon and the next day, lessons will officially begin. The entire registration period was tightly packed. As expected of Principal Chen. Fast and furious.

When they reached the office, Principal Chen smiled. “Secretary Wu from the City Bureau of Education will be coming today. The last time he came, you weren’t here. I wasn’t here too. He went back empty-handed.”

“Prepare yourself for a chat with Secretary Wu.”

This girl was a mature person. She always kept a low profile. Even when she received a prestigious award, like this time, she looked as though nothing had happened and carried on with her daily life.

On the other hand, Ye Ying had to tell everyone that she got into the top ten of their level during the end of semester exam.

That child would be ruined by her mother if no one taught her well.

Ye Jian nodded. She smiled. “Okay. Is there anything I have to take note of? I can prepare myself mentally first.” She never experienced such things in her past life so she needed to learn from scratch.

If she didn’t need the secretary, Principal Chen would have pushed the meeting for her. Since he told her personally about this, it meant that it was important.

“No need. It’s because of the award you got. Also…” Principal Chen paused slightly. His smile got brighter. “He came to talk about the setting up of the ‘Outstanding Student Scholarship’. Mr. Gao told the mayor about you. He said that you were the one who came up with this idea.”

Principal Chen felt proud.

This lady was definitely someone to be proud of. She could think of unique ideas, had a wide perspective of the world, knew what principles to follow and when to reject someone, and make appropriate decisions.

She was also humble and never mentioned anything she did. Hence, no one knew that she did something huge silently.

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