Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 21 - Nothing is Too Strange in the World

Chapter 21: Nothing is Too Strange in the World

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“Ye Jian, 14 years old, eighth-grader, lost her parents at four years old.” The moment Soldier Liu Bing saw Ye Jian, he recognized her. When Xia Jinyuan inquired about her, he told him the information about Ye Jian briefly. “The villagers say that she is quite a miserable girl.”

Normally, without the protection from their parents, children would be more sophisticated and learn how to survive.

While looking at Ye Jian passing through the forest with agility, Xia Jinyuan tightened his eyes.

Although she had an unfortunate family background, she showed no traces of trauma. Despite her difficulties, there was only resilience in her eyes.

It was hard for Ye Jian to ignore his glance, for it came from a man with a powerful presence.

When she turned around and looked at him, he calmly avoided eye contact. All she could see was his exquisite profile. He instructed the soldiers, “Send the coordinates back to the army. Seal the entrance to prevent anyone from coming to our enemies’ aid.”

They had identified their targets. It’s time to go and catch them.

And Ye Jian kept her promise. She stopped when they arrived at a certain range, “They should be in the front. I can still hear them.”

How did she even know that? None of the soldiers had heard any noises. Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but tighten his eyes.

He raised his hand and motioned the soldiers to march forward. They searched the woods according to the direction pointed by Ye Jian.

They were indeed in front. The rustling of leaves caused by the movement of people was obviously different from the sound when the wind blew. I wonder if they have heard the differences. Ye Jian pursed her lips and thought.

Xia Jinyuan glided down from the slope. As his eyes swept through the scene, he found the marks left by the three criminal suspects.

A large area of the cut-open thorny bush was the most conclusive evidence that the criminals had passed by this way.

How did she know the precise direction that the suspects chose?

And how was she aware that the suspects had stayed here?

Moments later, Ye Jian slid down the slope. Before she could steady herself, she sensed that someone was looking at her with doubt.

She raised her head and looked at Xia Jinyuan in the eye.

A sensitive and intelligent girl! Increasingly, more questions rose in Xia Jinyuan’s mind, but he suppressed them and advised Ye Jian again, “Find covers to hide in and wait for us to come back. I will send someone to escort you back to your village later.”

Ye Jian needed no protection. The moment they left, she turned around and headed back to the village.

The reason she helped them was simple. In her past life, at her most difficult moment, some soldiers who also wore military uniforms, helped her buy a bus ticket.

Never would she ever forget this kindness.

While they were taking a break, Brother Kun and his gang got caught. Ye Jian vaguely heard a gunshot from behind her. And then, silence was restored to the mountain.

Ye Jian didn’t retrace her steps as she left the mountain. Instead, she walked to a hot spring and washed away the dirt she smeared on her face. Light-heartedly, she headed to Zhang Bin’s home in the neighboring village.

When she returned, it was over four o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as she arrived at the main street, she saw Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying carrying two suitcases on the side of the road.

They both rolled their eyes at Ye Jian and ignored her.

But Ye Jian felt pleasant and relieved as they gave her the cold shoulder.

“Mom, have you locked the doors and windows in our house? We won’t be at home these days. We should be careful not to give opportunities to thieves,” Ye Ying said worryingly in her tender and delicate voice, which did sound like she was deeply concerned about the safety of her house.

Putting on a fake smile, Sun Dongqing hummed with hostility and replied to her daughter, “I will beat her up if she dares come in! I will beat her so hard that she won’t do it next time!” As she turned around, she expected to see Ye Jian stay and listen to her. However, Ye Jian had gone far away.

Sun Dongqing gritted her teeth and spat with contempt. Her squinting eyes were flickering with maliciousness.

Wicked girl! Son of a bit*ch! She would be humiliated on Monday!

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