Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2082 - The Dust Settles  

Chapter 2082: The Dust Settles

From Commander Xia’s tone, Ye Jian knew that the political scene in the Southern Province was about to be chaotic. However, Ye Zhifan, who had not received the letter, was still immersed in the joy of his daughter, Ye Ying, joining the army.

After receiving the results of the physical examination and handing in all the information, Ye Ying quickly received the enlistment notice. There was still a month before the spring enlistment. With the Du family’s help, Ye Ying received the enlistment notice before anyone else.

The regiment reported was none other than the capital city’s political regiment that Ye Zhifan wanted to send Ye Ying to.

“Good! I’m really relieved now!” Ye Zhifan, who received Ye Ying’s enlistment notice from the post office, looked at the name written on it and could not help but smile.

The red hard surface had the words ‘Enlistment Notice’ written in gold… It was this notice that he had tried his best to get previously but to no avail. However, he accidentally got it this time.

When Staff Officer Du agreed to help, he did not have too big of a reaction. He only felt that things had turned around and his daughter might be able to join the army.

Later on, Ye Ying applied for it, went through a physical examination, and sent the documents over… Even then, he did not feel too happy about it. After all, there were always variables. As long as there were no concrete results, he would choose to stay calm.

Now that he had received the enlistment notice, everything was settled. Ye Zhifan, who had always been calm, finally believed in Staff Officer Du. The heavy stone in his heart was finally lifted.

Ye Zhifan was paranoid by nature. Moreover, this matter was planned by the person behind the jade pendant. He also guessed that the person behind the jade pendant had asked Sun Yaozu to monitor him. He was paranoid and no longer believed in the person behind the jade pendant. At the same time, he did not believe that Staff Officer Du could really send Ye Ying to the army.

Now, he believed it!

“Keep the enlistment notice. When the uniform is distributed, I’ll report to the capital city with you.” Ye Zhifan handed the enlistment notice to Ye Ying. He felt content and said with a smile, “We have to arrive at the capital city a few days in advance. We’ll go to the Du family to visit Madam Li first. We’ll have to thank her for thinking highly of you.”

If Madam Li did not like Ye Ying’s obedience, Staff Officer Du wouldn’t have opened the back door to Ye Ying so readily.

It could be seen that Madam Li was indeed in charge of the Du family. She could even influence Staff Officer Du’s decision.

The smile on Ye Ying’s face had not disappeared since she saw the enlistment notice. She nodded hard and said excitedly, “If it weren’t for Madam Li’s kind words, Staff Officer Du wouldn’t have agreed so readily. Dad, not only do I have to thank Madam Li but I also have to respect her.”

As long as she obtained Madam Li’s support, her life in the capital city would definitely be good!

When the time came… When the time came… Ye Ying, who was stroking the words ‘Enlistment Notice’, lowered her eyes slightly. A dark and vicious look flashed past her almond-shaped eyes. When the time came, she would mention Ye Jian’s name to Madam Li. She could use Madam Li to deal with Ye Jian!

Although Ye Zhifan was happy, he did not miss the change in Ye Ying’s expression. Seeing that her expression was a little gloomy, he could roughly guess what was going on. A smile appeared on his face. “It wasn’t easy for you to get to where you are today. Cherish this rare opportunity. Stabilize your status first and put everything else aside. Don’t lose the big picture for petty things. Do you understand?”

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