Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2060 - Holding Hands  

Chapter 2060: Holding Hands

At this moment, when Antonio heard his subordinate say that almost all of his men had been killed, he was smoking a cigar and tasting red wine. He also had his arm around a hot woman. However, he abruptly kicked the luxurious European ivory coffee table so hard that the crystal globe on the coffee table rolled onto the thick wool carpet.

“I want to know who the Chinese company has arranged to fight me! I’ll make sure everyone is done for!”

Antonio, who did not know the engineers’ true identities, had never thought that the Chinese would send people to rescue them. He would never know that the group of people who were sent were special forces soldiers.

The five biggest gangs in the world were in this country in North America. Antonio, the arms dealer, belonged to one of the powerful gangs. He smuggled firearms. His numbers, weapons, and equipment could even match the country’s police and military.

Although the Chinese military had investigated Antonio thoroughly, they had never thought of annihilating his gang. After all, this was the affair of another country. China would not overstep its boundaries or go against an arms dealer for no reason.

They secretly carried out a rescue operation, and they found out who was the Chinese representative who had arms dealings with Antonio. The Chinese representative only came in secret and did not reveal their stance.

Antonio did not know that the Chinese had sent people, so he did not know their attitude. Now, his anger was not because the engineers of the Chinese company had been rescued but because he felt that his dignity had been provoked and severely insulted.

“Tell the people on the island that I’ll give a lot of money to whoever catches one of them alive! Find out who’s the damn bastard going against me!”

This was an outcome that even China, which had always kept a low profile, did not expect. As Antonio had the impression that Chinese companies were weak, he did not expect China to send special forces to rescue them.

It was expected that this place, which was already in chaos, would be even more chaotic.

Soon, Antonio’s subordinates received an answer amidst the intense gunfire. They only felt waves of despair. How could they possibly capture someone alive when they needed support?!

‘Maybe it’ll be my turn next.’

The people around fell one after another. In the end, there were only three people left and two were injured!

The suppressive firepower had already reached its end. Pigeon and the others successfully brought the country’s engineers onto the boats and left the island. Ye Jian, White Crane, and Azalea, who were completely relieved, stopped attacking with Xia Jinyuan’s gesture. The four of them no longer fired at the same time. Instead, they fired single shots.

“The three of you, go to the beach and leave as soon as possible. Leave the rest alive.” Xia Jinyuan took over Ye Jian’s headset and said in a low voice, “Ask the embassy to arrange for everyone to leave tonight. The same goes for the engineering team. Everyone will return to the country.

“The man you’re dealing with here is Antonio, an arms dealer known for his brutality. He has more armed forces than the government or the military. Since you’ve rescued his hostages, he won’t let it slide. Return to the country tonight. Leave no one behind.”

He arranged for his own people to leave, but he didn’t think it would be dangerous for him to stay.

Biting her lip, Ye Jian asked him softly, “What about you?” Will he be okay?

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Aren’t there still a few alive? I won’t let Antonio vent all his anger on me.” Xia Jinyuan could hear Ye Jian’s uneasiness. Taking advantage of the night, he held Ye Jian’s hand. She was wearing half a combat glove, so he could still touch her fingers intimately. “Don’t be afraid. I have a way to shift his anger away.”

This meant something was bound to happen when they got back.

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