Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 205 - That Marvelous Youth

Chapter 205: That Marvelous Youth

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As she stood under the sunlight, her eyes shined and her white skin was suffused with pearlescent sparkle.

Unable to look away from her starry eyes, he felt as if he was struck directly in the heart just like last night when she looked straight at him with a chill he had never seen before. He couldn’t help but listen to her… he just couldn’t resist.

She seemed so unfamiliar as if he was meeting her for the first time.

Also, the way she held that gun seemed no different from the way police and soldiers did.

Such skilled marksmanship, steady aims… calm response, smooth handling… that was not the same Ye Jian who occasionally bickered with Ye Ying in school.

After the tranquilizer wore off, he woke up and stayed awake. He recalled a lot of memories and finally came to the conclusion… Ye Jian had been hiding her true identity in school.

He had a lot of questions but did not know where to start.

Pressing his mouth tightly, he said in a hoarse tone, “It’s nothing. I wanted to thank you for last night… if it weren’t for you, I don’t even know if I’d be alive or not.”

After a short pause, he saw her distant expression and spoke faster. “Thank you, Ye Jian. I used to be reckless and always took things out of context that I repeatedly misunderstood you. Fortunately, you’ve always been the bigger person and never argued with me.”

He let out a self-mocking smile, revealing the sentiments of an adolescent. “Now I know how ridiculous I was in school. I had been bouncing around like a clown in front of you without even realizing it.”

As unnecessary as it was for him to say these, Ye Jian lightly smiled and interrupted him. “It’s not a big deal. I don’t have a big heart, but I won’t let our disputes and misunderstandings affect any life-threatening decisions.”

“As for Ye Ying, my attitude remains the same. Hereafter, please stop mentioning her in front of me, I really can’t find a way to like her.”

As could be concluded from her indifferent and cold tone when she mentioned Ye Ying, their relationship was truly a terrible one.

However, she never spoke ill of Ye Ying. Just like what Gao Yiyang’s father once said, sometimes one needs to observe with his eyes and heart in order to determine another’s character.

Ye Jian, on the other hand, never spoke ill of others behind their backs. When she disliked something, she always said it straight out, expressing a truly rare and valuable character.

A glimpse of indifference left his eyes as he smiled, bringing a flying spirit onto his handsome face. “Alright, I will not mention her again. Let’s go get some breakfast.”

Despite previous preconceptions, Gao Yiyang was indeed a good friend to have. This would clearly explain why he parted with Ye Ying later on in life.

After discovering Ye Ying’s true character, Gao Yiyang probably left her without hesitation.

Soon after they got back to the cafeteria, they saw the Vietnamese students, including the important official’s son who was held hostage from last night. When he saw Ye Jian, his eyes shrunk and he pressed his lips tightly as he stepped back.

The other two Vietnamese students who had appeared in the room with Red Scorpion also took a step back unconsciously to let Ye Jian and Gao Yiyang pass by.

As she passed them, Ye Jian suddenly stopped and focused on the boy who was trying to conceal his existence in the back; the one who was responsible for Gao Yiyang and Ye Jian’s kidnapping.

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