Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 188 - The Thrilling Combat (2)

Chapter 188: The Thrilling Combat (2)

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Xu Yu was responsible for direct confrontations while Xia Jinyuan took care of all the assassinations. The two of them worked seamlessly up to the fourth floor to rescue Ye Jian.

Knowing she was safe, the comrades outside could start lurking towards the sixth floor.

Soon, Ye Jian heard Xia Jinyuan’s low voice through the public channel. “G3, initiate Crushing Stone Operation step three, Snake Wring Operation!”

The ‘snake’ referred to Red Scorpion, and ‘wring’ meant killing… Both the Chinese and Vietnamese army anticipated the capture of Red Scorpion, whether dead or alive.

“Updates from the Vietnamese police, one student was rescued and one student is still in the hands of the Red Scorpion.” Unlike Xia Jinyuan’s deep and elegant voice, G3’s voice was rather hoarse like a blade scraping on grindstone. From his voice, one could tell that he could not be overlooked.

Upon hearing an unfamiliar voice for the first time, Ye Jian lightly held her breath after she took cover on the corridor ceiling.

It was illegal for her to handle weapons like this so she was worried if it was going to affect Xia Jinyuan.

Another unfamiliar voice was heard. “Looks like we have to interfere. Copy J5. Let the Snake Wring Operation begin.”

G3, J5…Q Wang. Everyone’s name was followed by a number, except for Q Wang. Could it be that he is the king of elites?

“Is the girl still here? Talk to your big brother if you are.” J5 was obviously different from the rest. He sounded less cold and rigid, but more arbitrary and badass. “Hide well if you are still on the fourth floor. Remember your Brother Xia’s words, he will come to find you soon. Be good. Although handling a gun looks cool, it can be very painful once the bullet penetrates the flesh.”

J5 used to be a political instructor.

One day out of the blue, he insisted on switching guard with the Company Commander. From then on, he became infatuated with the elegant demeanor of the battlefield and no longer wished to teach soldiers political ideologies.

In his words, the sight of men running on the battlefield was just too fu*king attractive, it could get the female soldiers heads over heels.

As J5, who always liked to flirt with female soldiers, flirted with his little fox, Xia Jinyuan’s dark eyes sunk and half-smiled. “J5, I heard you made first place last week; I’d like to challenge you when we get back,”

“Classmate Ye Jian, please be careful. Have faith in the People’s Liberation Army and trust Captain Xia. He will rescue you! Also, let me know if you run out of bullets! Over.” J5 instantly switched to a cold rustic tone, which displayed the harshness of a soldier.

Being the center of the conversation, Ye Jian felt the need to break the silence and faintly said, “Thanks for your concern, but self-help is better than help from others. I’ve always preferred the former.”

“Not bad, the girl’s got a backbone.” G3 let out a laugh. In the dark, J5 and G3’s lurking figures looked like hunting beasts. He swung out a climbing rope and hooked it onto the building. After he made a gesture to J5, he gripped the rope and climbed to the seventh floor in an instant.

As soon as he confirmed the safety in the surroundings, G3 threw a rock at plastic to notify J5, who swung his submachine gun to his back and climbed to the seventh floor at once.

“All set, guys. Wait for our good news.” Different from the rest, J5 was a soldier who was relaxed at any time. Then he said to Ye Jian, “Classmate Ye, G3 rarely compliments people. Q Wang was the first, and you are the second. Not bad, keep it up!”

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