Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 186 - I Will Be the Last One to Leave

Chapter 186: I Will Be the Last One to Leave

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As the man in the room pulled open the door, he saw the two students, whom he assumed had fled, leaning against the wall.

Furious, he raised his hand and tried to slap Ye Jian in the face. “Damn it! You…”

Although the man was holding a gun, Gao Yiyang had no time to think about it. Naturally, he lifted his hand to stop the man from slapping Ye Jian.

Bang! As a gunshot was fired, the man who was about to hit Ye Jian suddenly froze all over. Within thirty seconds, he collapsed onto the ground.

Panic-stricken, the man at the door swiftly moved outside and started to shoot randomly at the room.

The gunshot almost scared the daylights out of Gao Yiyang. He saw the ferocious Western man on the ground with blood oozing from his chest, turning into… a bloody man.

The man’s fingers were still slightly shaking and his eyes were not completely closed. Streaks of blood poured out from his mouth and down to his neck, staining his thick beard.

Bang. Bang. Several shots were fired into the room. With eyes wide open, Gao Yiyang forced himself to divert his attention from the ‘bloody man’ and focus on the bullet holes which appeared on the ground.

Tightly clenching his fists, he couldn’t stop his body from shaking despite how hard he tried to straighten his body.

Ye Jian had no time to notice Gao Yiyang’s expression. There were only 15 bullets in her pistol. She laid her eyes on the dead man on the ground. There was one more pistol left in his hand.

She needed that pistol…

As the random gunshots came to a halt, Ye Jian turned around and said to Gao Yiyang, who was so frightened that his eyes were widened. “I am going to shoot at the outside now. Pick up that gun and give it to me!”

Gao Yiyang wondered how many more nightmares he still has to suffer tonight. Faintly, he looked at Ye Jian.

Just then, he saw Ye Jian shoot at a kidnapper without blinking. She acted so calm and experienced, as if she had done it numerous times.

Her actions were so fierce and her eyes looked so intimidating that Gao Yiyang simply could not turn her down when she ordered him to pick up the gun.

He believed in Ye Jian. “Okay,” he said plainly as he nodded.

Ye Jian roughly estimated the trajectory of the bullets and decided that she should use no more than three bullets to launch her counterattack. Glancing at the closed door, she said, “Use the dexterity you have acquired through Taekwondo. When I count to three, roll over there and pick up the gun.”

“Okay.” Gao Yiyang swallowed. When he saw the icy look in Ye Jian’s eyes, he pointed at his hand solemnly and confirmed. “Okay!”

Ye Jian did not give Gao Yiyang the time to process the reality that she had just shot a man to death. Time was crucial at a moment like this!

As she softly counted to three, she kicked open the door. In the meantime, she dashed aside and fired three shots at the outside.

The bullets penetrated the door and pierced into the left shoulder of the man. He let out a scream. With his sweaty palms, Gao Yiyang picked up the gun and rolled back to Ye Jian.

Once again, several gunshots were fired from the outside. Behind the wooden door covered with several bullet holes, Ye Jian heard messy footsteps.

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