Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 184 - In Danger

Chapter 184: In Danger

Just like vipers, the criminals quietly exposed themselves and revealed their fangs. Stealthily making every move, they left no trace behind so as to not be caught.

Due to an accident caused by the Vietnamese student, Nick did not want a third party to be involved in this deal.

As for Red Scorpion, he did not want to leave evidence behind or lose his goods.

The heavy metal music continued to play as people came and left the KTV. Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu made their way into the crowd. The scent of sweat and perfume had interwoven into the decadent music dance floor.

Red Scorpion was right in front of them with his student standing beside him. It seemed that few people noticed that an underage boy had entered the adult world.

Outside, the International Police had been on the move. Two minutes after Red Scorpion walked into the bar, Xia Jinyuan appeared in the rear kitchen. Like a leopard hunting on the prairie, he quietly knocked out a strong pastry chef wearing a tall and white chef hat.

Xia Jin Yuan quickly changed into white chef clothes by wrapping a white apron around his waist and putting a tall and white hat on his head. He went inside the kitchen. Gently, he patted on the shoulder of a chef who was arranging a plate of desserts. “Hey, is this all set?”

“Yes…” As the pastry chef was about to look back, he suffered a sudden and heavy blow on the back of his neck. Just like that, another pastry chef had been knocked out.

Soon, the fire alarm went off as thick smoke came out from the rear of the kitchen. Several pastry chefs were lying on the floor, waiting to be dragged away by the International Police.

“All clear.” In the kitchen, Xia Jinyuan changed out off the clean chef hat and clothes, crumpled them up and threw them into a large pot filled with boiling water. It was a good way to sanitize and destroy the evidence.

As he tossed out two smoke bombs, the fire alarm in the kitchen rang. Subsequently, all the fire alarms in the KTV started to blare.

The heavy metal music could not cover the ear-piercing alarm. An alcohol-soaked towel was lit up and thrown out onto the passageway leading to the kitchen door. The dancing crowd started to react to the alarm and smell the burning scent. Screaming, the crowd descended into chaos.

The undercover International Police officers acted like customers with extensive escape experience and guided the crowd to safely evacuate.

A bodyguard of the bar rushed to the rear kitchen where the alarm went off in the first place. Before he could take out his pistol, Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu had knocked him out deftly.

Upstairs, Nick was in the middle of his deal when he received a call from his bodyguard. “Fire? Are you sure?”

Red Scorpion was ready to hand over his goods. Upon hearing this, he swiftly withdrew his bag. Without any hesitation, he rushed toward the door.

He acted like an extremely vigilant viper, which would retreat to its cave instantly upon sensing the slightest sign of disturbance.

Outside, the blaring police sirens broke the flashy extravagances on the streets of Kings Cross, warning the criminals that they had been surrounded.

However, the police sirens took the Chinese soldiers by surprise. They reached out to Xia Jinyuan immediately. “Q Wang, the International Police is acting on its own! The police siren is ringing; you must be careful!”

In total, China had sent five soldiers to carry out this operation. Two of them monitored Red Scorpion from outside, Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu stayed in the hotel, and Ye Jian stayed with the students. They had been working very well together until they encountered such a group of condescending International Police officers!

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