Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 154 - Bravo, Ye Jian!

Chapter 154: Bravo, Ye Jian!

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“Stop saying that. Just let the teacher handle her. Let’s go and have breakfast,” said the other girl. Influenced by Mrs. Zhu, she didn’t say anything outrageous about Ye Ying. Holding Ye Jian by her arm, she comforted her. “Don’t mind Ye Ying. She is just jealous of you.”

Everyone could hear what the girl said.

Ye Ying heard it as well. Furiously, she asked, “Jealous? What is so good about her that I envy her?! You…”

“Excuse me, but I don’t want to talk to someone like you who is flawed in character. Besides, whatever I said is none of your business!” retorted the blunt Northern girl. “If you don’t want to feel upset, let me kindly remind you to not assume that I was talking about you.”

The students, who despised Ye Ying’s behaviors, started to mock her.

Previously, they doubted Ye Ying’s character. Now, they were certain that she was problematic.

In the crowd, Gao Yiyang remained silent while clenching his fists.

He had never known that Ye Ying was such a deplorable person in private.

Was the image she presented in front of him fake?

Then, he gazed at Ye Jian, whom he had always believed to be problematic in character. Nevertheless, when Ye Ying framed a case against her, she still maintained her composure.

Instead of defending herself, she let Ye Ying orchestrate this nasty farce on her own. By remaining silent, Ye Jian was way better than Ye Ying.

She approached Ye Ying and said plainly, “Ye Ying, I hope you can remember that we are representing the Fujun Town Middle School. Please behave yourself and stop blemishing our school.”

Ye Jian’s behaviors would win herself more and more respect from other people.

Gao Yiyang walked out from the crowd with heavy steps. He approached Ye Jian and lowered his head, which he had always been holding up proudly. Slowly and clearly, he said, “Apologies for being so superficial all the time. Ye Jian, I am really sorry! I thought I was correct, but the reality has slapped me in the face harshly. I have realized that what I saw was not necessarily the truth.”

“Ye Jian, I am very sorry!”

He didn’t ask Ye Jian to forgive him. He took a deep bow to Ye Jian before standing up straight. Although Ye Ying was hoping he could help her, he didn’t look at her anymore. Instead, he turned around and left.

“Gao Yiyang, come back!” screamed Ye Ying. But he didn’t turn back to look at her.

Just like in her past life, she had misjudged some people!

Moments ago, Ye Ying could pretend to be calm. However, as the boy left, the panic-stricken Ye Ying burst into tears. No one knew if she was crying because of the departure of Gao Yiyang or the teacher’s question.

Ye Jian didn’t care why she cried. What she did care was that, from now on, Ye Ying would not lead a life which was as smooth and successful as her past life.

Standing in a dark place, Xia Jinyuan observed this episode through the gaps of the leaves. He slightly curled up his mouth. The little fox was rather brilliant. The way she handled this issue had won her the respect of the teachers and students.

That was the girl he knew.

Ye Ying was still crying but Xia Jinyuan never looked at her. As Ye Jian walked away, he left quietly as well.

Tonight, he and Ye Jian would take the same flight to Australia.

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