Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1485 - Who Is The Hunting Eagle

Chapter 1485: Who Is The Hunting Eagle

The moment he got out of the bus, the atmosphere became more relaxed. Li E sat down and said to Ye Jian earnestly, “Girl, you must be careful when you go out alone. The world has changed and there are too many bad people. Why are you so bold as a girl?”

“I saw that you were dressed well and even used a phone. Which village are you going to visit?”

Besides being the mistress of the Grand Commissioner, Li E also had another identity. She was the boss of the Golden Bath Center.

The identity of this person came from Charlie.

She had been working in the fish market for a long time. She used all kinds of illegal and brutal methods to force young ladies to enter illegal professions.

Now, Ye Jian was the girl she wanted to deceive.

As the mistress of the leader of the evil cult organization, she had the support of the Grand Commissioner. She hired the members of the evil cult organization to look for girls. Then, she used all kinds of names to deceive the fisherman.

She controlled the girls’ personal freedom and used threats and promises to make them willingly sell their bodies to get money.

It was precisely because they were deceiving those girls that no one noticed them. No girls chose to call the police because they were willing to stay after tasting the benefits.

Li E’s life was also very rough. When she was young, she didn’t like studying and always thought about leading a good life. After dropping out of junior high, she entered society and got a boyfriend who was twice her age. She was young and ignorant and thought that she had found someone to rely on.

Unexpectedly, her boyfriend turned around and sold her to a snakehead who specially organized the girls to go to the sauna and foot baths in Zhehai.

This was the first time Li E, who had resisted, received a guest. Because of her pretty appearance, she received a total of eight hundred yuan from the first day she was forced to go out to the reception. The snakehead took the money and gave her four hundred yuan.

That was a higher income than working in the city. From then on, Li E no longer ran away and no longer thought of leaving. She became a lady sitting on the stage.

Li E was used to the life of a drunkard. She walked further and further away. When she was 30 years old and no longer young, she met a wealthy man willing to spend money on her.

Although he didn’t look good, he could bring her to high-end places. He could buy a car and a house just like that.

Li E followed this man for six years. She became the lady boss, the old procurer, and accepted those girls who were as arrogant as she was in the past and liked to reap what they sow.

Who wouldn’t listen to her? She would defile, beat, and lock them up.

In Li E’s words, who was to blame for their bad luck?

She couldn’t even remember how many girls were beaten to death and crippled by her for the past four years. But so what? If she didn’t behave herself back then, she would have been beaten to death.

That was why if they did not accept their fate, they would end up in a miserable state.

The bus swayed as it drove. Some of the villagers in the bus started smoking while the familiar ones started chatting loudly. The entire bus was noisy.

There were whispers about what happened just now, but they didn’t dare to let the person in the bus hear it.

Ye Jian had already told Li E everything. “I don’t want to go home. It’s boring. Sister, where is this bus going? I didn’t look at it and jumped onto the bus directly. I don’t even know where it is going.”

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