Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1348 - The Nation’s Hero

Chapter 1348: The Nation’s Hero

Ye Zhifan’s heart was in a mess too. His expression was cold as he said, “I don’t know. That’s why I want to follow them. Also, you’re not allowed to act on your own when you’re in the city. Do you hear me? Based on your actions just now, those soldiers have already shown me mercy!”

He was a lieutenant general. There were at least two guards around him. The guards could have pulled out their guns when he rushed out recklessly!

“I’m sorry, Dad. I was too anxious just now.” Ye Ying knew that she was too rash just now and recalled being warned by Ye Jian. She was furious. “I will listen to you when we reach the city.”

Ye Zhifan didn’t say anything else. He nodded and quickened his pace.

After the father and daughter left, An Jiaxin got anxious. Ye Ying was a cunning person. Nothing good would happen if she followed the procession! Jian would be busy dealing with Grandpa Gen’s funeral. She wouldn’t have time to care about Ye Ying!

No, no. She had to follow Ye Ying. She wouldn’t do anything else but keep an eye on Ye Ying!

“Mom, I want to go to the city! You can transfer the school fees to me later!” An Jiaxin squeezed her admission notice tightly. After she finished speaking, she rushed out. She still needed to go home to get her luggage and rush to take the 10.20 am bus that goes to the city!

Doctor Zhou had already considered the relationship between her daughter and Ye Jian. She didn’t even take off her white coat and took her wallet and chased after Jiaxin. “Bring your luggage along. The day after tomorrow, directly go to school from the city. Remember to bring your train tickets and student ID. You must keep your admission notice properly!”

An Jiaxin has had an independent personality since young. She didn’t even ask her parents to send her to the provincial city when she was in senior high. Now that she was in university, she didn’t need her parents to send her.

She took a few 100-yuan notes and a few dozen coins. An Jiaxin waved her hand and left the town hospital without looking back.

From Fujun Town to Anyang City, Ye Jian accompanied Uncle Gen in the car. Along with them were Xia Jinyuan, Commander Liu, Commissar Yan, and Principal Chen.

Commander Xia and the two school leaders were driven back to Anyang by the guard. They followed the military unit’s car and went to Anyang together.

The sun was shining brightly at the end of August and the temperature was above 36 degrees. It was not suitable for Uncle Gen’s body to remain here for too long. The vehicles from the funeral home arranged by the military unit were already waiting at the junction of the provincial highway. On both sides of the vehicles, there were ten fully uniformed soldiers. They were waiting for the arrival of the old squad leader with their solemn posture.

As the car slowly drove out six and a half hours later, twenty soldiers saluted and welcomed the old squad leader.

The coffin covered with the national flag was carried out slowly. Under the gazes of the soldiers, the coffin was gently placed in the hearse. The atmosphere was so solemn that people held their breaths. The sorrow that filled the air infected every soldier with a resolute expression. They saluted Uncle Gen to show their respect.

Ye Jian didn’t cry. Instead, she gently touched the coffin and whispered to Uncle Gen, who was eternally asleep, “Grandpa, many soldiers came to send you off. Are you happy?”

“I’m very happy. Very happy. The military will always remember you and will never forget your contributions to the country and the soldiers. Rest in peace. In the future, I will be like them and pass down your dedication. I will repay my country and my army with all my heart. I will never let you down or do anything that will embarrass you.”

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