Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1340 - Bleed and Not Cry

Chapter 1340: Bleed and Not Cry

Motorcycle… Commander Xia didn’t even remember the last time he used this mode of transportation. As a lieutenant general, when his son called him, he rushed over after his meeting without having the time to change his military uniform.

Commander Xia lowered his head and looked at the golden epaulet on his shoulder. He waved his hand and asked the guard to come over. “Go and find a motorcycle.” He turned his head and said to the two leaders of the school, “We’ll drive over on the motorcycle.”

Since the lieutenant general had already expressed his opinion, the two leaders of the school naturally had no objections. Following this, they rode their motorcycles and headed to the town hospital.

Xia Jinyuan finished speaking in a low voice and returned to the ward. At 9.40 pm, Uncle Gen suddenly opened his eyes. Ye Jian, who had been waiting for him, was so excited that she didn’t say anything. Instead, Uncle Gen said, “I think I saw Ye Jian coming back.”

His voice was so weak that it was almost inaudible. However, his misty eyes suddenly lit up and he became more energetic.

No one was happy about this situation. Everyone’s heart dropped… terminal lucidity

“Good child, I don’t like it when you cry.” The weak voice spoke intermittently. The old man’s gaze was filled with kindness and gentleness as he looked at the child in front of him who had made him worry for almost twenty years. “It’s good that you didn’t cry. It’s good that you didn’t cry. As soldiers, we bleed and not cry. You must remember this. If you cry too much, your heart will be filled with weakness.”

Ye Jian held the old man’s hand tightly. He was so weak that he couldn’t lift his hand. She nodded and replied, “I remember. I will always remember your words. Bleed and not cry. I will always remember your words.”

Her heart was trembling uncontrollably. She was panicking. Even though her body was shivering uncontrollably, Ye Jian forced a faint smile on her face so that the old man could be at ease.

“Grandpa knows. I know that you’re a good child… Unfortunately, Grandpa… Grand…” The coughing sound came suddenly. It wasn’t a soft cough. The heavy coughing caused the smile on Ye Jian’s face to disappear instantly.

“Rest for a while. Don’t talk anymore. Don’t talk anymore.” Ye Jian was on the verge of breaking down again. Everyone saw that Ye Jian’s shoulders were shaking violently. She placed one hand on Uncle Gen’s chest to soothe his breathing.

The military doctor placed the pillow higher so that Uncle Gen could sit up straight. At the same time, he patted the back of the old man’s neck to make his breathing easier.

Principal Chen clenched his fists and looked out of the ward several times. He couldn’t hide the anxiety on his face. They weren’t here yet. The leaders of the military school hadn’t sent Ye Jian’s military uniform over.

In the ward, Commander Liu said in a low voice, “Uncle, you can talk after resting. We are all listening. Don’t be anxious.”

Commissar Yan held the cup with warm water and brought it to Uncle Gen’s pale lips. “Uncle Gen, drink some water. Don’t worry. Ye Jian will listen to you.”

The coughing finally subsided. However, Uncle Gen’s complexion was getting worse.

He wanted to hold Ye Jian’s hands tightly but he didn’t have the energy to do so. He smiled gently and said, “Good child, don’t be sad. It’s a good thing that I’m leaving at such an old age. It’s a pity that I can’t send you to the military camp personally. I won’t have the chance to see you in your military uniform anymore.”

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