Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1333 - Cares Too Deeply

Chapter 1333: Cares Too Deeply

“Ye Jian.” When Ye Jian finally walked to the side of the bed, Commissar Yan stroked the top of her head and said earnestly, “Don’t forget what Uncle Gen taught you.”

“Being strong and brave is the first lesson Unc;e Gen taught you. You must always remember it. No matter what you face, you must be strong and brave. Do you understand?”

Ye Jian’s lips trembled slightly as she listened to her elders’ sincere teachings and meticulous care. She held back the tears that were at the edge of her eyes. When she nodded, her tears started falling. “I know. Don’t worry.”

She was already in this state but she still told the people who cared about her that she was fine.

His little fox’s pure heart made his heart palpitate too.

Ye Jian sat down and held Uncle Gen’s skinny right hand. She lowered her head and allowed her tears to flow down.

It was very quiet in the ward. Everyone was breathing softly. After they finished speaking, they stood at the side and looked at Uncle Gen who was sleeping quietly. His chest was heaving slightly. They were afraid that any big movements would wake this old man from his light sleep.

Actually, everyone knew that he wasn’t sleeping lightly. He was sleeping soundly.

Commander Liu made a hand gesture of a phone and left the ward silently. He wanted to call Principal Chen, who went back to change his clothes.

It took six hours to drive 60 km from Anyang to the town. They only used three hours. The two of them turned the inter-provincial highway into an expressway. Ye Jian arrived at 12.30 am…

“Together,” Commissar Yan said softly. Then, he said to Xia Jinyuan, “Major, stay outside with us.”

Leave some space for Ye Jian. This child is too restrained.

Xia Jinyuan had the same thought. He nodded slightly and followed Commander Liu and Commissar Yan out.

Commissar Yan sighed. He couldn’t hide the pain in his voice. He said in a low voice, “We will leave Ye Jian to you. Uncle Gen’s funeral will be handled by the military unit. Help us take care of Ye Jian.”

“Why didn’t you transfer him to the provincial hospital? Are the doctors over there not able to save him?” Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face was cold. He looked back as he spoke. He was afraid that Ye Jian would hear him so he lowered his voice. “How can he stay in the town hospital?”

“Uncle Gen’s health hasn’t been good for the past half a year. During the new year, we stayed in the hospital for more than twenty days without telling Ye Jian. At the end of May, we stayed in Anyang for more than ten days. Every time, Uncle Gen would remind us not to tell Ye Jian.”

“This time, he suddenly fainted. We used the helicopter to transport him to the city… There’s no helping it. The old man’s life is already on a countdown. Before this, the old man sternly told us not to disturb Ye Jian’s training. When he woke up at around 9.15 pm last night, he told us that he saw that Ye Jian’s training had ended and she came back on a huge warship.”

“Uncle said that he wanted to see Ye Jian and talk to her. He also said that he wanted to see Ye Jian in her military uniform and salute to him.”

As Commissar Yan spoke, the corners of his eyes turned red. “…Old Chen contacted Major General Yang immediately. At 9.30 pm, we knew that Ye Jian’s training had ended. You even went to fetch her.”

“I didn’t expect that Uncle’s dream… was real. Ye Jian was really training in the navy. She really came back in a warship.”

He cares too deeply, that’s why he had that dream.

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