Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1331 - Time Flows

Chapter 1331: Time Flows

An Jiaxin, who was chewing gum, retracted her feet and said to her mother with a serious expression, “Mom, the old man lying inside is Ye Jian’s grandfather. He’s her most important relative. I want to accompany Ye Jian. It doesn’t matter even if I don’t sleep for a night.”

“I’m her friend. Whether she needs me or not later, I want to stand where I can see her, Mom. If you’re tired, go and rest for a while. Don’t worry about me.”

At this moment, Doctor Zhou finally felt that his daughter had grown up. She patted her daughter’s shoulder and looked at her lovingly. “You’ve grown up. You know how to give, how to be kind, and how to be grateful.”

“I hope your friendship with Ye Jian will always be pure. Cherish this rare and precious friendship. I won’t persuade you anymore.”

When children grew up, they would have different thoughts from adults. They had their own boundaries and attitude towards life. As adults, they didn’t need to control their children all the time. At the right time, they should let go if they could.

An Jiaxin smiled and held Doctor Zhou’s hand. She said softly, “Thank you, Mom. Hurry up and rest. I won’t cause trouble in the ward. It’s the same if I stay here.”

The office of the doctor on duty was at the entrance of the ward. She could see Ye Jian the moment she came back.

Doctor Zhou touched her daughter’s black hair and reminded her, “Ye Jian’s grandfather is not simple. Just look at the officers walking around. Don’t force your way through when you see Ye Jian later. Don’t cause trouble for other people, understand?”

Also, Ye Jian was able to help all the girls in her dormitory get into one of the top universities in the country. This showed that she was a very disciplined and opinionated child. This kind of child had her own arrangements. She didn’t need too many people to make decisions for her. Her daughter just needed to accompany her quietly. She mustn’t interrupt them.

“I know, I know. I’ve known Ye Jian for five years. Mom, I know her better than you. Go and rest. Go and rest.” As she spoke, An Jiaxin pushed Doctor Zhou’s shoulder and walked towards the lounge room.

Although it was called a lounge room, it was just a partition created by a screen. There was a single bed behind it.

When the mother and daughter reached the partition, they heard footsteps outside. An Jiaxin turned her head as if she felt something. She saw a familiar figure walking past the narrow office door. The soldier beside her was someone she didn’t dare to look at directly.

Her boyfriend was accompanying her. She felt more at ease.

“That person just now… is Ye Jian, right?” Doctor Zhou turned her head and narrowed her eyes. She asked uncertainly, “It should be Ye Jian.”

A look of surprise flashed past An Jiaxin’s face. She nodded. “It’s her. Mom, hurry up and go to sleep. I’ll go to the door and take a look.” Since there weren’t many people in the middle of the night, she stood at the door and watched. She would come back when there were more people in the day.

That really was the Ye Jian who wasn’t afraid of the criminals and was even calmer than an adult that night… They hadn’t seen each other for four years. This child’s aura was frightening.

Even though they didn’t meet each other, Doctor Zhou only saw her passing by. She didn’t look like a 19-year-old girl. Instead, she looked like the military officers that had been coming in and out of the town hospital these few days.

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