Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1320 - Why Isn't She Leaning?

Chapter 1320: Why Isn’t She Leaning?

Xia Jinyuan forced himself to shift his gaze away from the back of her neck. He maintained his smile and said, “If the school doesn’t agree, you can come over during the winter vacation.”

Her palm had become rougher too. There was even a thin layer of calluses on her palm. Xia Jinyuan used his fingers to gently rub the calluses that represented her hard work. His gaze was gentle as he looked at the beautiful face who displayed a tougher and tougher expression after experiencing all kinds of hardships. His low voice was like the sound of a zither. “We will meet again someday. It’s just a matter of time.”

Ye Jian’s heart felt sweeter than honey. She pursed her lips and smiled, “Why do you always treat me like a child? It’s normal for us to meet and part. I’m not so fragile that my mood will be affected because of separation.”

“Also, after seeing the interaction between the army and the navy, I feel that we will have to work together in the future. We will train together and we will meet one day. Just wait for that day to come.”

In her past life, she only stayed in one place for a few months. Reunion and separation were normal for her. She had already faced separation calmly.

However, in this life, she met her comrades who selflessly helped her. Every time they separated, she felt a little sad.

Xia Jinyuan squeezed her hand. Sitting in the back seat, he glanced at the navy soldier who was focused on driving. With a faint smile, he changed the topic. “We will have a chance to meet again. We will reach Hongkou Airport at 6 pm. Do you plan to travel overnight and reach home? Or do you want to rest tonight and rush home early tomorrow?”

It took almost eight hours to drive from Hongkou City to Shuikou Village. The main reason was that it took six hours to get from Shuikou Village to this city and two hours to get to this city from Hongkou City. That was why it would take eight hours.

Ye Jian didn’t hesitate and replied, “We can go back to this city from Hongkou City first and rest for the night. We will wake up at around four in the morning tomorrow.” The sky was bright in summer and there was already a faint morning light around four o’clock.

“Sure, I’ll listen to your arrangements.” Xia Jinyuan agreed completely. He saw that there was still more than an hour before they reached the heliport. He looked at the dark circles under her eyes and whispered, “Have a rest. I’ll wake you when we reach.”

Although the road from the military port to the heliport was winding and rugged, it was all an asphalt road. Driving steadily with a little swaying would indeed make one feel sleepy.

Ye Jian woke up at four in the morning to finish her last morning training. She laid on the back seat with her head on the pillow. Within five minutes, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Four minutes and eight seconds later, she fell asleep. Xia Jinyuan squinted his eyes and looked at the sunburn below her ears. If it wasn’t for the severe sunburn on the back of her neck, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to drive back to Shuikou Village overnight.

Also, why was this little fox’s sleeping position so disciplined? She didn’t move after laying on the pillow… Why didn’t he see her swaying her body until she leaned on his shoulder?

With the navy soldier in the car, Major Xia wouldn’t blatantly take advantage of the female soldier. He could only wait for Ye Jian to sway and lay on his shoulder.

In the end, Ye Jian’s sleeping posture was too honest. Additionally, the navy soldier drove steadily. After waiting for more than ten minutes, Xia Jinyuan decided that since she didn’t come over, he would go over.

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