Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1318 - All Will Be up to Fate

Chapter 1318: All Will Be up to Fate

Bug Shark muttered to himself behind him. Li Jinnian paused for a moment and walked into the military port without turning back.

If Big Shark were to worry about her, would Ye Jian not have male soldiers chasing after her? With Xia Jinyuan around, who would dare to go after her?

It was uncertain whether Xia Jinyuan had feelings for Ye Jian or not.

Li Jinnian didn’t remind his vice-captain. He understood him too well. He was someone who wouldn’t give up until it was too late. When he realizes that something is wrong, he will stop.

Li Jinnian didn’t have any other feelings towards Ye Jian. He just admired her. There were no romantic feelings between them.

An outstanding female soldier was eye-catching, but how could he like her just because she was outstanding?

Big Shark didn’t think too much about it. He just wanted to solve the issue of his comrade’s marriage. As the saying goes, the more you care, the more worries you will get.

The door of the military port behind him closed slowly. Li Jinnian, who was wearing a navy training uniform, walked under a tall and huge coconut tree. He seemed to have thought of something and turned around. His gaze landed on Big Shark’s injured mouth. “How did you get the wound on your mouth?”

Somehow, Li Jinnian felt that this injury… might have something to do with Xia Jinyuan.

“When you return to the port, spar with Major Xia for a while. He will beat you up within 15 minutes.” The wound at the corner of his mouth turned green and red. He touched it lightly and gasped. “I need to look for the cooks to find some boiled eggs. I didn’t feel much pain just now but now that you mentioned it, I feel a little pain.”

It was indeed related to Xia Jinyuan.

As for the reason, Li Jinnian didn’t really want to ask.

Ye Jian was brought here by Xia Jinyuan. If Big Shark wanted to be a matchmaker, he would have to find out more about Ye Jian from him… and the result of that would be getting beaten up.

After not sparring for a few years, Xia Jinyuan was still the same as before. He was ruthless and vicious and no mistakes could be found.

Li Jinnian pursed his lips and patted his comrade’s shoulder. “Be careful of the match in mid-October.”

“I don’t understand you guys.” Big Shark seemed to have understood something. He shook his head and walked towards the cafeteria step by step… He wanted to fight for Demon King Li but the other party didn’t need it.

Since that was the case, it will be up to fate.

However, he could tell that Major Xia treated Ye Jian differently! As for the reason, he couldn’t find out anything even after probing for the whole day.

Big Shark pressed the corner of his mouth and sighed. What was he worrying about?

Demon King was right. He should be careful during the competition. There is no limit to how vicious Major Xia’s soldiers can be!

It was close to noon, and the navy soldiers that came back from training had already gathered. The sound of the horn floated out of the military port along with the sea breeze. Sitting in the car, Ye Jian raised her head and looked at the sea. The 50 days of frogmen training has ended just like that.

“Are you feeling reluctant?” Xia Jinyuan held her hand in his palm the moment he got into the car. He controlled himself and didn’t pull his little fox into his arms. He looked at the sunburn on the back of her neck. He didn’t dare to hold her hand tightly… He was afraid that he might hurt her.

The car turned a corner and the mountain blocked Ye Jian’s view of the sea. She retracted her gaze and smiled lightly as she held his hand. “I’ve lived here for more than 50 days. Of course, I will feel a little reluctant.”

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