Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1266 - How Do You Plan to Snatch? Are You Going to Do It?

Chapter 1266: How Do You Plan to Snatch? Are You Going to Do It?

“We will carry out the 100-meter drown-proofing training after resting one hour after breakfast.” He scanned the crowd and didn’t criticize them anymore. Instead, he left a sentence coldly to the soldiers who stood out from the 100 soldiers and entered the second round of elimination.

Although it was just one sentence, it was like a nightmare. The soldiers were not in the mood to eat breakfast.

Drown-proofing training required the hands and legs to be tied. This was not only a task that required good swimming skills but also a good mentality.

Perhaps they had already guessed that they had entered the most crucial moment. Even when they started the drown-proofing training that had the most difficult psychological barrier, every soldier had a serious expression and didn’t show any signs of fear.

Though they didn’t show it on their faces, the corners of two male soldiers’ mouths twitched and their calves started trembling when they stood by the water.

This scene was recorded by the members of the Storm Commando Brigade and included in their personal scores.

“Relax your body, just like how you relax your arms and legs and swim normally,” reminded Big Whale in a soft voice as he tied Ye Jian’s hands behind her back. “Advance with your core. You must be fast. Don’t relax halfway through.”

Ye Jian smiled and teased, “Fortunately, it’s only 100 meters. If I had to go 200 meters like you guys, I wouldn’t have much confidence.”

Although Ye Jian trained with the soldiers, her identity was still special. She knew how special Li Jinnian’s team was so she could joke around with the members of the Storm Commando Brigade.

The members of the Storm Commando Brigade liked to chat with Ye Jian, who was a Special Forces female soldier stronger than a male soldier. Hearing that, Big Whale smiled and replied, “Your swimming results made our commander sigh for a while. I feel sorry that you’re not a member of our navy.”

The 28 soldiers had already tied their hands and legs. Once the whistle sounds, they will jump into the water and swim 100 meters.

It was time to test her swimming ability and mental resilience.

A sharp whistle was heard. Ye Jian turned into a fish and dived into the water.

The entire water surface started boiling. A series of splashes were heard. The 28 figures jumped into the water.

The members of the Storm Commando Brigade, who were holding stopwatches, had already started counting down. They were just waiting for the soldiers to finish diving 100 meters before recording their time into the results.

Just like what Big Whale said, drown-proofing training relied heavily on her core. Ye Jian’s swimming ability wasn’t the best but she was definitely the most agile one. In addition, her high CO2 adaptability was good. Even though she wasn’t good at swimming, she still managed to squeeze into the top three.

“She’s the first one to jump into the water. Demon King, I bet she’ll definitely enter the top three,” Big Whale said to Li Jinnian in a low voice, unable to hide the excitement in his voice. “At this rate, our team will be able to recruit a female frogman. Demon King, why don’t you consider snatching her from the tiger’s mouth?”

Not only Big Whale, but even the commander of the navy wanted to.

Li Jinnian glanced at his comrade indifferently. “How do you plan to snatch? Are you going to do it?”

“I think that the commander has this idea. Unfortunately, it won’t work,” said Big Whale sorrowfully. He saw that some soldiers had already come out of the water. Then, he saw Ye Jian coming out of the water. His eyes lit up as though he was the one training. He couldn’t suppress the excitement in his voice. “Top three, top three! As expected, it’s the top three!”

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