Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1262 - At Least Give Some Face

Chapter 1262: At Least Give Some Face

It was almost impossible to hear whether a soldier was good or not from the mouth of such a talented and capable soldier!

This time, the navy commander thought that he heard wrong when he suddenly said something that implied praise.

That’s good, that’s good!

Finally, the commander didn’t have to worry that Li Jinninan would chase Ye Jian out of the skerry. He finally felt at ease after worrying for the entire night.

He was really afraid that when he got serious, he would chase her away when he sees that there is nothing special about her!

Now, he was relieved.

And she even exceeded his expectations? It seems that the female soldier was really capable!

The commander of the navy and Li Jinnian had the same thought before this. A female soldier that was outstanding in the army didn’t mean she was as outstanding as a frogman. They didn’t have any hope towards Ye Jian.

The commander of the navy thought that as long as everything looked good on the surface, he would let her stay for the sake of the two militaries. He would send her back to the army after letting her go through 50 days of training. That way, both parties would be happy.

Now that he found out that the female soldier was not bad, the commander felt relieved. He smiled. “That means that I don’t have to worry about you chasing her away in the future.”

“Based on her current results, I don’t think I will do that for the time being.” Li Jinnian didn’t say things to reassure the navy commander. The results of the test meant that Ye Jian didn’t need to be sent back for the time being. The second round of elimination was underway. If she couldn’t pass, she would still be sent back.

His calm words left the navy commander helpless. He could only sigh and say, “You should at least give some face. If we really send her back, what will the army say?”

“Commander, Xia Jinyuan knows what kind of person I am. You don’t have to worry.” Li Jinnian’s words calmed the commander down a little. He continued calmly, “I will pass Ye Jian’s test results to you later.”

The navy commander took a while to regain his senses when he received Ye Jian’s two test results.

It was no wonder that Jinnian said that this result exceeded his expectations. What a pity, what a pity that she was from the army.

Thanks to this result, the commander of the navy stopped paying attention to Ye Jian. He didn’t have to worry about whether she would be ‘invited’ back by Li Jinnian.

When they gathered at noon, Ye Jian, who wasn’t ‘invited’ back, was finally officially introduced to the members of the Storm Commando Brigade by Li Jinnian, as well as the navy soldiers who had passed the first round of eliminations.

Last night, they were forced to float on the sea for a night. The three navy members that came back last returned to their units. Thus far, including Ye Jian, a total of 28 soldiers has officially entered the ‘hell week’ training.

There was one week of extreme training in ‘Hell Week’. This was also a round of elimination. Only physically weaker soldiers would be eliminated.

When the male soldiers heard that the female soldier who ran with them today was going to enter the extreme training with them, their expressions changed.

“When you’re in my team, you have to put away your arrogance. Don’t mention how powerful you were in the past in front of me or how much the leaders of the military unit favored you.”

“I will only look at your results. Those who are good will stay and those who are bad will go back. No one has any reason or excuse to take advantage of me. You will have one week of extreme training. You will only have four hours of rest every day. The remaining twenty hours will be your training.”

“If anyone has any objections, you can raise them now.”

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