Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 122 - So Many Similarities

Chapter 122: So Many Similarities

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Not a bad idea if this audacious girl spent time in the army. When he returned from his business trips, he could tease her.

Now that the subject had changed, Ye Jian got rid of her embarrassment very soon. She pondered for a moment before she replied with composure, “No. I have taken an exam, and if I pass that, I will go to Australia. I won’t come back until August 6th or 7th.”

She participated in an exam and might go to Australia?

“The World Science Olympiad?” Although she didn’t say it, he had made the correct speculation.

Meanwhile, there was a smile flowing in his unfathomable eyes. As chance would have it, he had also participated in the World Science Olympiad.

“A soldier even cares about this?” Ye Jian looked at him, bewildered at his correct guess.

Did he need to tell her that she was walking on the path which he had walked before?

It was a surprise to him that they were so similar to each other at the age of 14.

However, he sensed that she was not very interested in this meaningful contest.

“Perform well in this test, it is very beneficial for widening your perspectives. You will meet a group of elites, whose manners and talents are worth learning from.” The girl had always been an independent thinker. If she showed little interest in the contest, she would not fully dedicate herself to it.

Subtle static sounds were heard from his earpiece. Xia Jinyuan raised his hands to press it. Instantly, he restrained his relaxed facial expressions, showing a stern and chill look. “This is Q Wang. Please respond.”

“Latest information about the Crushing Stone Operation has been heard from abroad…” The voice of the regimental commander came from the earpiece. After a few sentences, Xia Jinyuan suddenly looked at Ye Jian. A smile flashed across his cold eyes.

The communication was cut off. Xia Jinyuan stood up, looking at Ye Jian with a meaningful expression in his eyes. “Come on, let me send you down the mountain. Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen are waiting for you down there.”

It was already midnight before Ye Jian knew it. She stood up hurriedly when she saw the time. “Why is it so late?! Let’s go, let’s go! I need to go to school tomorrow.”

They made contact with the other five soldiers. Together, they went down from the mountain with the light from the moon and the stars. Xia Jinyuan escorted Ye Jian to the outermost sentry post of the army. Looking at Ye Jian who didn’t seem sleepy at all, he said with a smile, “Let me remind you, do remember every word I told you before. And I…”

Ye Jian had warned him not to mention it again!!

Ye Jian didn’t want to bring up this subject at all. Staring at the man who had wiped the war paint off his good-looking face, Ye Jian jumped into a car before he could finish his words. Bang! She closed the door harshly. The automobile soldier was going to send her back to the village, where she would join Grandpa Gen and Principal Chen.

With a sunny smile on his handsome face, Xia Jinyuan watched the car as it drove away. He stood for a while before he said softly, “What should I do? I seem to… enjoy watching her face when she gets pissed off by me…”

Again, the voice of the regimental commander was heard from his earpiece. Xia Jinyuan turned around, with an elegant yet intimidating forcible pace, he stepped onto a military vehicle, heading to the regimental commander’s office.

When everything was settled, the sun was about to rise. He went back to his dormitory, taking off his combat uniform and revealing his muscular upper body. He entered the bathroom. The cold water was running down his extremely sexy body which had perfectly sculpted muscles. As he lifted his hand, he saw the teeth marks on his wrist.

It was not until then did he realize that he had not gotten the immunization shot, which he should receive within 24 hours… He went to the infirmary before nine o’clock.

Lying in bed, he recalled the girl who fled like a bunny. The dormitory was lit up by the sunlight. The elegant and dangerous man pursed his lips, closed his eyes, falling into a restful sleep.

Ye Jian received special education taught by a man using his body. In the next few days, she waved her fists in the middle of the night, because she was punching Xia Jinyuan in her dreams.

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