Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1205 - We Have to Be Good Forever

Chapter 1205: We Have to Be Good Forever

Or she would think: I have to ask my mom for an extra dollar tomorrow. The spicy jerky in town that costs fifty cents for two tastes especially delicious!

Also: Why isn’t Friday here yet? I want to watch TV tonight!

While she was still thinking about these things, Student Jian was thinking about joining the military and getting into university!

The difference! The difference is hurting again!

“You can never find me during the winter and summer holidays, right? Actually, I was always training with the soldiers in the army. It’s much more fulfilling than spending my days watching TV at home.” Ye Jian’s voice was very soft. It was like flowing water. An Jiaxin didn’t feel uncomfortable when she heard it.

An Jiaxin clicked her tongue when she heard that. Suddenly, she laughed. “Hahaha! Then wasn’t Ye Ying asking for it when she caused trouble for you during the National Day of our Second Year? I knew it. You were so exemplary when you did the demonstration with the instructors. You looked better than the instructors. So you were already training at that time.”

“There’s also shooting. Amazing! Even the political commissar said that you’re amazing! It turns out that you’ve already touched a gun and hit a target!”

With today’s confession, An Jiaxin understood the things that she couldn’t understand in the past.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Ye Jian was not only studying hard but also working hard on her goal.

As she spoke, An Jiaxin became a little melancholic. “I didn’t expect you to sacrifice so much in secret. We only saw your bright and beautiful side. Who would have known that you suffered behind our backs?”

“I didn’t suffer much. I fought for my goal. The entire process was like sowing seeds before harvesting.” Ye Jian didn’t feel that she had suffered much. Instead, she felt that she was enjoying it.

Enjoying the process of harvesting and looking forward to the final outcome, there was an indescribable motivation that kept urging her not to stop, not to let down the life she had reincarnated in, to take back what she had lost in her previous life and what she had not experienced. She wanted to walk her path and not let down her life.

She hugged An Jiaxin lightly with both hands. Seeing the faint melancholy on her good friend’s face, Ye Jian lowered her voice gently again. “I’m different from you. If I don’t work hard, I’ll be suppressed by Ye Ying forever. I’ll live under her shadow forever.”

“As for you, your brilliance is something I will never be able to learn. You have friends in groups of three to five. Every time they mention you, they would say ‘An Jiaxin is very good’. You have parents who love you and friends who are willing to play with you. You also have very good results. Jiaxin, I want to thank you. You have helped me a lot in the past few years. Thank you very much.”

Ye Jian, who wasn’t good at expressing her feelings, said so much in one breath. An Jiaxin’s eyes widened as she listened. Her hand reached for Ye Jian’s face. “You’re my Little Jian, right? It’s not someone else, right? Is there something wrong? You’re different from usual.”

Ye Jian whose emotions finally leaked out didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “We will be apart in a few days. We don’t know when we can meet again. I finally feel sad for once but you think that I’m not the same as before.”

“Student Jian, you should just maintain at the same height that I look up to as before.” An Jiaxin rubbed her nose. Her eyes turned red as she continued. “You’re good as you are right now. People who know you don’t need too much explanation to keep believing in you.”

“What kind of relationship do we have? We have to be good friends forever. Although you are quite mysterious sometimes, I always understand that you treat me and the rest of the girls in our dormitory sincerely.”

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