Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 109 - Slapping Face in This Way (II)

Chapter 109: Slapping Face in This Way (II)

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Mrs. Ke was about to continue cursing at Ye Jian. Hearing her words, Mrs. Ke turned her head abruptly. With a calm and cold look on his face, Principal Chen was standing at the classroom door. Panicking, Mrs. Ke’s knees turned feeble and she forced a smile. “You are here. What do…”

“I arrived at a bad timing, Mrs. Ke. I interrupted you from disciplining your students,” Principal Chen replied plainly, walking into the classroom. With an intimidating look in his eyes, he glanced at the students of Class Two Grade Eight. In the end, his gaze lingered on the faces of Ye Ying, Xie Sifeng and He Jiamin for a few seconds.

“Unity. Friendship. Harmony. You can see these three slogans above your head. To my disappointment, I don’t see such golden qualities in some students in this class.”

As a principal, he wouldn’t mention the names of the students specifically. Nevertheless, whoever was being stared by him would understand that he/she was the person he referred to.

Instantly, Ye Ying’s face turned red. She was sensitive enough to realize that she was one of the students that Principal Chen is talking about.

“Some students may feel comfortable now that you have been scolding a certain student for so long, Mrs. Ke. But on the other hand, you are hurting her in an invisible way,” after criticizing the students, Principal Chen lectured Mrs. Ke without any mercy. “Mrs. Ke, if you are reluctant to disclose the scores of your students, as a principal, I should help you with that.”

“Starting with the tenth-place. You should take a break after being scolded at for so long.”

His last sentence made the students laugh. Nobody wished to be criticized. However, unlike Ye Jian, no one was bold enough to stand up to stop Mrs. Ke’s angry scolding.

The ranking was being announced upward from the tenth-place. The students who had heard their names exhaled in relief. Lucky for them, they had maintained their usual ranking.

The top three was about to be announced… but Ye Jian’s name had not been mentioned yet. He Jiamin, the ninth-place, couldn’t help but laugh. When she heard that the third-place was Ye Ying, He Jiamin clapped louder than anyone and her palms even turned red!

What she didn’t realize was that Ye Ying, who had always ranked at the first-place or second-place, had been staring at her ferociously numerous times!

The second-place was Zhou Liao… The applauding sound grew louder.

Instead of continuing, Principal Chen said to Mrs. Ke, “You should be the one to announce the first-place, Mrs. Ke.” She was reluctant to say that name, wasn’t she? But now, she had to!

Glared at by Principal Chen’s cold eyes, Mrs. Ke, whose legs were failing, said the name which she was most unwilling to announce.

“The first-place is Ye Jian. She scored full marks in every subject, except that five points are deducted from her composition.”

The noisy classroom became silent. The students, who sneered at her before, were gasping in surprise and gazing at her with an incredulous look in their eyes.

Their innocent faces were brimmed with astonishment… The name of Ye Jian, who had scored full marks in every subject, was bombing their minds like an alarming thunder.

Full marks! Full marks!

An Jiaxin screamed in joy. She was so exuberant that she forgot herself. Rushing out from her seat, she went over to embrace Ye Jian, yelling, “Fu*k! I am so proud of you!”

The loud applause overwhelmed Ye Jian’s haters. Ye Ying’s face turned pale; He Jiamin was so shocked that her eyes were about to pop out; Xie Sifeng, who couldn’t accept the fact, stayed bewildered for a while.

As the head teachers of the eighth grade announced the first-place of the midterm exam, everyone who had doubted Ye Jian was lost in astonishment. Ye Jian’s performance was slapping them in the face mercilessly…

Ashamed, those students who had ridiculed Ye Jian and had been waiting to see her embarrass herself, lowered their heads.

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